Klaroline Shippers React To 'TVD's 100th Episode

The moment we and the legions of Vampire Diaries fans have all been waiting for finally arrived last night during the CW show's centennial episode — but as quickly as it came it also went, and we were pissed. Fans of Caroline Forbes and The Originals' Klaus Mikaelson have been pulling for those two to get together since he saved her life during the show's third season. So, in perhaps the biggest moment of Thursday night's Vampire Diaries episode, the pair finally got together and Caroline finally stopped denying her true feelings... but there was a crushing catch to their reunion. Klaus was never coming back after their little passion fest in the woods.

Show-runner Julie Plec opened up to E! about why it was necessary to put an end to the Klaroline plot, saying that because of TVD's spinoff series, The Originals, it just wasn't possible for them to develop the next layer of the couple's story. We get it, but ugh. Plec explained that Klaus's return and finishing up their story was a way to force Caroline, who's always got so many opinions about other people's relationships (especially Elena and Damon's), to take a good look at herself and admit to her feelings about her "relationship" with Klaus. She reached her growth point with his return, which is great and all, but it'd be even better if Thursday night was the start of their epic love story — not the end.

Needless to say fans went from excited to disappointed to completely pissed when Klaus vowed to never return to Mystic Falls in exchange for Caroline being honest with herself — so, naturally, they took to Twitter and the hashtag "Klaroline" to get their feelings out. Here's where their reactions fell:

The Ecstatic

The Petitioners

(By the way, it already has over 1,000 signatures.)

The Deniers

The Hopeful

The Pissed Off

Let it out, guys. Let. It. Out.

Image: The CW