Darrell Hammond's Trump Impression Returns To 'SNL' & It Should Never Leave — VIDEO

It's 2016. I don't have to remind anybody that it's an election year. Saturday Night Live really springs into action during election cycles; the show has always been famous for its political impressions. But, as of now, there's basically more Republican candidates than there are cast members who can do impressions of them all. What's a show to do? Something ingenious. Saturday Night Live brought out Darrell Hammond to do his Donald Trump impression during the cold open for the first show of the year.

Hammond isn't officially a cast member on the show anymore, but SNL brought him back to be the show's announcer after the death of the beloved Don Pardo. Since then, he's popped up a couple of times to reprise some of his best political impressions. He's already done Trump once this season, during the awful episode that Trump hosted. He also made a brief appearance as Bill Clinton. During the Adam Driver-hosted episode, he reprised his Trump impression so that Taran Killam, who also does Trump, could play Ted Cruz.

You know what, though? I like that better. Hammond has a much better handle on Trump than Killam does. Killam has certain facial expressions down, but Hammond is better at doing Trump's attitude. I think he should be installed as the permanent Trump impressionist and always be the one to do it.

The impression is pretty much the same as when Hammond used to do it on the show, with the added (imagined) detail that Trump likes to bully Jeb Bush specifically, taunting him by calling him Jebra. "Jeb Bush is a little girl, and he can't be president because his hand is bigger than his face," he said. "I have it on good authority that Jebra is wearing Spanx right now."

Really, Hammond's Trump was the almost the highlight of the sketch. It was the best thing, actually, until the very last moment. The sketch established early on that, should any candidate's poll numbers dip too low, they'd get swept off he stage a la Showtime at the Apollo. Then, at the end, they did it, and it was amazing.

Watch the full video below: