The 'Friends' Reunion Is Coming Up Soon, So Here's What To Expect

Ever since news of the upcoming Friends reunion was announced, fans of the beloved show the world over have been rejoicing at the idea of getting just a little more of our favorite TV pals. Sure, the reunion special won't be the same without the snark of Chandler Bing, but you've still got the charm of Rachel, the quirk of Phoebe, the narcissism of Joey, the strangeness of Ross, and the obsessiveness of Monica to make it worthwhile. Over the weekend, David Schwimmer spilled on the February special, and while he tried to ruin the celebrations by reminding us all that it isn't technically a reunion show without Matthew Perry present, his comments will still get you excited about what's to come.

The highly-anticipated NBC special will be in honor of television director James Burrows, who is celebrating his work directing 1,000 episodes of TV. Casts from multiple series the director has worked on, including Cheers, Will and Grace, and of course, Friends, will be a part of the event, thanking Burrows for his work. But other than that, little has been revealed about the event, other than the sad fact that Perry will be too busy across the pond prepping for his debut as a playwright and his starring role in End of Longing. So what else can you expect from this exciting Friends foray into the world of television?

1. Two Hours Of Fun


According to EW, the special will be two hours long. That much time spent in the universe of James Burrows' characters? Sign me up!

2. It Won't Require Much Rehearsal


At the TCAs, Schwimmer admitted that he is flying in the day of and has no idea what to expect. I can only assume this spontaneity will lead to great things.

3. It Goes Down Sunday, Feb. 21


Set your DVRs, guys.

4. It Will Feature A Lot Of A Hugging


According to Schwimmer, who said at the TCAs:

"From what I've been told from Sean Hayes, we're all going to come up on stage and talk about Jim and give him a hug."
5. Matthew Perry Will Still Be There... Sort Of

EW reported that Perry will be doing a video introduction for the group during the special. That isn't Chandler in person, but I'll take it.

6. It's Not Just A Friends Reunion


This isn't about the "Friends." It's about James Burrows, and likely, most of the special will be focused on him, not the casts of the shows he directed.

7. Burrows Will Impress Us All


1,000 episodes? Is he a man or a machine? The special is guaranteed to make you appreciate Burrows' work in the world of TV.

Though this isn't an official Friends reunion, I can't help but be incredibly excited. Maybe, just maybe, this whole thing will draw attention to the need for a real reunion with all of the main cast and their on-screen pals (don't forget Gunther!). Keep your fingers crossed, folks.

Images: NBC Universal, DigitalHitchHiker/Tumblr, Giphy (6)