What Is Tom Felton Up To Today? Draco Malfoy Was Just The Start Of A Great Career

Even though J.K. Rowling doesn't approve of your Draco Malfoy crush, it cannot be denied that Tom Felton is a dreamboat (remember when he was in The Borrowers? Oh, I do). Draco may be an obnoxious jerk, but Felton clearly isn't, and any crush on him is totally justified. Still, it'd be nice if fans got to see him on-screen more often. Though you hear a lot about other Harry Potter stars like the main crew of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint, updates on where Tom Felton is today are few and far between. This is a travesty for such a swoon-worthy kinda guy, is it not?

So what has Felton actually been up to since the day the world stood still, AKA the last day Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Part 2 played in theaters back in 2011? Being an actor in a franchise like Harry Potter may have helped him out financially quite a bit, but he hasn't stopped acting in the years since he last played Malfoy. So let's catch up with our old buddy and bully and see what he's done in his post-Potter days.

1. He Joined Another Franchise

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Felton went from one franchise to another, straight into the mitts of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He was also a baddy in this movie, torturing apes much like he tortured a young Hermione Granger.

2. He Has A Girlfriend

Felton and Jade Olivia met on set of the final Harry Potter movie, where she was an assistant, and they've been dating since 2008. Adorbs.

3. He's Been Laying Down Some Tracks

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Check out some of his jams at feltbeats.com; he even has an album out called Hawaii, released in 2011.

4. He's Been Chatting With Ariana Grande

Felton and Ariana Grande have an adorable social media relationship. I 'ship their friendship hard.

5. He's Been Persuading Girls To Crush On Ron

In a shrewd move, Felton has reminded female fans that Malfoy is not the type of man they should be looking for. Good call — no girl needs a boy who calls them "mudblood."

6. He's Made A Few Cameos


He may not be "the boy who lived," but he's still a boy who lived his teenage years as a Harry Potter star, and he's not afraid to make that known. Felton shined in a cameo in Get Him to the Greek and as an interviewer in Tom Felton Meets the Superfans, as well as various other performances.

7. He Hosted The Junior Carp Tournament


Well that's a surprise. Turns out, Felton loves fishing, and he worked with the New York Chamber of Commerce to get the carp tournament running in 2012.

Felton has been keeping himself quite busy since his days as a mean and nasty bully. Thank goodness because, as I'm sure we can all agree, this world needs more Tom Felton, always. Not many boys could make Draco Malfoy seem appealing, but this actor really did. Might I suggest that there perhaps be some sort of television series about Felton and Radcliffe just hanging out? I would most certainly watch.

And for good measure, let's just throw in the timeless gif of Hermione punching Malfoy, which may or may not be the greatest moment in cinematic history.


Bless you Hermione, you feminist queen.

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