Kaitlyn Bristowe Supports Ben Higgins As 'The Bachelor' & Proves Exes Can Totally Be Friends

Even though our former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is happy with her fiancé Shawn Booth, she's pretty obsessed with current Bachelor Ben Higgins. But, in a totally normal "I really want you to find love even though you're my ex" kind of way. Ever since Ben's season of The Bachelor began, Kaitlyn has been supportive of his search for love. Unfortunately for Ben, (I should say, fortunately, now that he’s the Bachelor), it was always pretty obvious that Kaitlyn was going to pick Shawn. But, despite their odd history, she’s congratulated, and even offered some advice to the new Bachelor, and it’s pretty obvious they are both happy for each other.

In case you forgot what went down on Kaitlyn’s season, let me remind you. Ben first came on the show and was interested in Britt. They were both invested in charity and had pen pals they supported, so they bonded, but after Kaitlyn was chosen as the Bachelorette, Ben realized that she was pretty damn cool too. In Texas, they had a 1-on-1 date where they learned to two-step and danced all night. The rest of the season was really the battle between Shawn and Nick. Ben was there and had an overnight date with her in Ireland, but there wasn’t a connection like with the other two, so she eventually sent him home. It was all very civilized.

Ben told Good Morning America that he was just fine after the Bachelorette let him go. "I think Kaitlyn handled herself really well in a really hard situation,” he said. "Nobody can date 25 people well without making a mistake ... You have to be true to yourself, fair to the people involved. I think Kaitlyn did that to the best of her ability.”

And, after it was announced that Ben would be the next Bachelor, Kaitlyn took to Twitter to support him, even giving him a little bit of advice:

She does make a solid point about the two Bachelor thing though, it would have been the fair thing to do…

Then, the night of the big premiere on Janurary 4, Kaitlyn posted a throwback photo on Instagram of her first night on Chris Soules’ season of the show. “This time last year... Things were a lot different,” she wrote alongside the photo. “Good luck to all the ladies crapping their pants at home right now about to watch. I'm sure we will catch a few of these facial expressions. And good luck Ben! It's a wild ride.”

She didn’t live tweet the episode, but she did tell Lace to take a shot of fireball and followed it up with:

Clearly she was still showing her support, even though I would not want my ex to call me kid, ever.

Later that night, Kaitlyn and Shawn stopped by Bachelor Live and hung out with Ben and Chris Harrison. There, she doled out one more major piece of advice to Ben: Stay off Snapchat. A solid tidbit considering she accidentally revealed she chose Shawn before her finale aired.

As you can see, there are no hard feelings between Ben and Kaitlyn — and she's got his back no matter how they might have originally met.

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Image: Todd Wawrychuck/ABC