NeNe Leakes Is Back On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'! The Queen Bee And OG Has Returned

The original tease for this episode of Real Housewives promised that there would be some NeNe Leakes. Of course, most of her appearance was given away in the trailer, and she didn't pop up until the last few minutes of the episode, but it's true: NeNe Leakes is back on Real Housewives of Atlanta , popping in to visit Cynthia Bailey as if nothing had happened since the end of the previous season! However, of course, plenty of things have changed since NeNe was last on the show, including the reentry of Sheree Whitfield into the main cast. Since NeNe and Sheree did not get along back in the day, I look forward to seeing those two reunite.

Quickly, NeNe and Greg got along with Peter and Cynthia again after they ended the last service on very bad terms, promising they would never be friends again. And while Cynthia still seemed a little bitter about NeNe's residual blocks, it seems like all four members of the two couples are prepared to move on and resume their friendship, realizing that while things might not totally be square between them, that their friendship is more important. However, Cynthia's revelation that her new best friend is Kenya Moore nearly ruined the peace.

But it was actually kind of cute to see NeNe get a little defensive about her friendship with Cynthia rather than simply going "girl, bye." Maybe there's hope that during NeNe's return, she is able to mend some of her relationships with these women. She certainly seems excited to be back on the show, and has been Tweeting like crazy with her RHOA fans.

Of course, it's one thing for NeNe to reunite with her BFF and hang out in her living room, but when time comes for her to meet up with the other women, I expect there to be a little more tension. Since she doesn't seem to be joining the real cast, this is just going to be a shortlived guest spot. But hopefully this little taste is enough to make NeNe fall in love with the show again, because Real Housewives of Atlanta is better already with its Queen Bee.

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