Critics' Choice Awards Snubbed 'It Follows' For Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, But It's Not A Surprise

No disrespect to Ex Machina, but I'm so disappointed that It Follows was snubbed by the Critics' Choice Awards for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie. As someone who absolutely loves horror movies and seldom remains scared for more than five minutes after leaving the theater, this movie left me haunted for days. (And, yes, I may have had to sleep with my lights on for the first time since I was about five years old.) If you haven't heard of It Follows, you're not alone — the low-budget indie film gained traction and wider release thanks to amazing reviews and word of mouth, but it never reached blockbuster status by any means.

So, it's not really surprising that It Follows didn't bring home the award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie on Jan. 17 — but it's still a shame, because it would have been a great opportunity to bring much-deserved attention to this incredible, chilling movie. After a bizarre sexual encounter, Jay is stalked by a supernatural, shape-shifting entity that will kill her if it catches up with her. Sometimes this entity is a stranger, and other time it manifests itself as someone she knows — so you can only imagine the psychological torment and paranoia she experiences. We the audience experience it right along with her — and to say it's terrifying would be an understatement.

It's so common for modern-day sci-fi and horror movies to rely on pricey, advanced special effects — so It Follows broke the mold by using psychological tactics to scare us senseless. Aside from a grisly opening sequence, there's very little violence or bloodshed and special effects are basically nowhere to be found. Instead, the film relied on old-fashioned, psychological techniques and proved that our minds can be the scariest place to be. Luckily, the film gained enough of a cult following to earn the possibility of a sequel.

But to the director and writer of It Follows — don't worry, this creepy film is the winner in my heart. (I know that must mean the world to you.)

Image: Northern Lights Films