These Bernie Sanders Memes & Jokes From The Democratic Debate Will Have You Feelin' The Bern

With just 15 days to go until Iowa Democrats head out to caucus for their preferred presidential candidate, Sunday's debate was the last time the candidates had the chance to interact with each other, dodge questions from the moderator, and awkwardly laugh when their opponents actually start speaking some truth. Naturally, the commentariat of social media was on the case, ready to make dank memes out of the triumphs and tribulations on the stage in Charleston. And no candidate has started more conversations on social media than Senator Bernie Sanders this past week (besides He Who Should Not Be Named, aka Donald Trump).

While Sanders supporters tend to post wordy quotes illustrating his extensive record working on behalf of working people and the environment at the expense of large financial interests, there is sure to be a swift torrent of memes — and GIFs! — that will dominate the social media landscape for the next two weeks in the make-or-break Iowa contest, created by supporters and detractors alike. Increasingly, it seems like the Internet hive mind is able to influence elections, and if Sanders' numbers on Reddit are any clue, history books in the future might be citing the Meme War being waged in the trenches on Imgur and Twitter as a critical point in this election.

Warning: Viewing hilarious political memes while consuming fluids may result in damaged electronic equipment.

Sanders' Side Eye Is Glorious

This moment from the debate has already rolled its way into a ton of timelines, and will probably keep rolling on long after tonight.

The DNC Is Still Stuck In Controversy

The DNC is still in hot water with many Sanders supporters, who claim that scheduling the debate late on a Sunday night after a slew of NFL playoff games has made it more difficult for him to compete with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's lead in fundraising and name recognition.

Sometimes, Unexpected Gems Can Be Unearthed

I laughed louder than I should have when I saw this picture in my Twitter feed. A smidgen of art direction would go a long way toward really getting this meme to the next level. Break up the text so that the steer is actually visible!

This May Not Have Been The Most Lively Debate ...

But the overall consensus is clear: This debate could have been subtitled The Bernie Sanders Show.

Sanders Supporters Can Make Fun Of Themselves

Nobody truly believes that a Sanders administration would actually make sure that every household in America would have a feline companion, but it's clear that by trying to court the cat lover's vote — and by extension, the vast majority of the Internet — Sanders supporters are showing that they have a sense of humor about themselves and their candidate.

Don't Underestimate Them

Bernie supporters have been in an uphill battle before Iowa's caucus, as the campaign is hoping for a decisive one-two knockout in Iowa and New Hampshire so that the Democratic Party can prepare for the national race against whomever happens to rise to the top of the still-crowded Republican field.