'Rich Kids' Go for Gold in 'Selfie Olympics'

Maybe it seems like these reality stars don't do much, but their Instagram accounts prove otherwise. Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills have very busy social lives as seen on the show, such as planning blood drives and pool parties. But I bet what you didn't know is that they're also pros at taking selfies. So much so that in a video where they're rummaging through their purses to show off the brands they carry (Givenchy for bags, Celine for wallets, and Poland Spring for water), they also explain what makes taking a selfie picture-perfect.

"I basically only got an iPhone to join Instagram," says Wang. "For the first three months I had it, I didn't send a single text or make a call. It was only for photos exclusively."

Seems reasonable, Dorothy, but are you good at taking selfies?

"Sometimes my arm is a little bit too short, so Morgan takes [the picture]," Wang says.

Stewart then expertly took the iPhone into her own hands and directed us on how to take the perfect selfie with the utmost concentration.

"Tilt. Long extension of the arm," Stewart says."There should be Olympic games for taking selfies." Now there is one idea that the Sochi committee did not have, I can tell you that. But if there were, who would take home the gold? Let's take a look.

Hmm. Here I see Wang's short-arm issue — but the selfie is with Al Roker.

Morgan, what are you doing? Selfie-ing in a salon is against the rules, and you are duck facing, which is so 2012. Points off!

Dorothy, much better! No arm extension, and your head is artfully tilted. Go for the gold! I smell a competition.

Ahh, Morgan. A perfect selfie dismount. Arm fully extended, shades on, kissy-face on (different than a duck face) and dragging your boyfriend into it with you. A perfect 10.

However, you may want to silence your phones when taking a selfie.

"The sound [of taking a picture] when [the phone] is on is just reminding everyone around you how annoying you are, and it's like, 'Alarm! Annoying! This girl is taking a photo of herself!" says Wang.

Well, at least she's... self aware?

Images: Dorothy Wang;Morgan Stewart/Instagram