8 Other Epic Side-Eyes That Rank With Bernie Sanders' Democratic Debate "Bern"

A fierce side-eye doesn't come every day. Having the ability to cast your eyes as far to the left or right as they can go is a talent reserved only for a few. Fortunately, the presidential debate stage, featuring candidates being forced to listen to nonsense from their opponents for hours, is the perfect environment for fostering a classic side-eye glance. So no one was too surprised when Bernie Sanders threw Hillary Clinton just about the most dramatic side-eye ever during Sunday evening's Democratic debate. Sanders hasn't been the first person to grace the world with a truly impressive side-eye, though. Here are eight other epic side-eyes that rank with Sanders' debate "bern."

There's much to master when it comes to the visual equivalent of throwing shade. This could be why some of the best side-eyes actually come in the form of animated characters. Artists literally have to draw up what epic side-eye must look like, since examples among humans is few and far between. Bernie Sanders couldn't have made it as far as he has, though, without perfecting that hard, hard glance. And it's very possible that he learned the tricks of the trade by watching someone who doesn't just dream of calling the White House home.

1. FLOTUS Michelle Obama, The Queen Of Side-Eye

Nobody does it like FLOTUS does it. Michelle Obama has given side-eye on so many occasions that she makes mere mortals wonder why they fail at glances that should be so simple.

2. Nene Leakes' Side-Eye

Leakes knows how to make you feel like you're talking straight nonsense, even if you were convinced just a minute ago that everything you said was perfectly logical. Beware the Leakes side-eye.

3. D.W. Read's Vicious Side-Eye

Possibly the side-eye of all side-eyes, and it comes from a cartoon aardvark girl in preschool. Would you have expected otherwise?

4. Kylie Jenner's Side-Eye


The Kardashian/Jenner clan is known for doing a whole lot successfully. But who ever thought that Kylie's side-eye would score as the textbook definition of the glance?

5. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air's Ashley Side-Eye

Ashley Banks never seemed as dramatic as her sister Hilary, and that's probably because she didn't have to say anything out loud to make her negative feelings known. All that was necessary was the side-eye.

6. Futurama's Fry Side-Eye

Animation can achieve the maximum level of closed eye necessary for a noteworthy side-eye, which is why it should be left up to Futurama's Fry.

7. The Ridiculous Side-Eye From This Chopped Junior Contestant

This young gal isn't even close to D.W.-level side-eye, but as far as human girls go, she's up there. This chick is not happy that she's been chopped.

8. Arrested Development's Lucille Side-Eye


There's no doubt about it. Lucille wins it all, with that look of condescension and her apparent lack of even trying.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle