The 'Pretty Little Liars' Pilot & Season 6B Premiere Mirror Each Other From Start To Finish

Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are back in Rosewood and, historically, things haven't always gone so smoothly for the group in their hometown. It's no surprise that they've chosen to live in other cities and are not especially eager to head home for Charlotte's hearing. A lot's happened to them over the past five years, but all of it was untainted by A. Little do the Liars know that they're about to be targeted by a new Big Bad — so it's not surprising that the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere mirrors the pilot in many ways. After all, a new and potentially even darker mystery is about to unfold.

All four of the Liars make it clear that, although they're thrilled to see one another, they intend to make this a quick visit home. Unfortunately, it seems that they can't safely spend more than 24 hours in Rosewood without a massive dose of drama and tragedy. And, now that Charlotte has been murdered, it looks like they'll have no choice but to extend their stay. Although they don't yet know that a new villain is after them, I have a feeling they'll find out pretty soon — and viewers will have a long wait before the latest villain is unmasked. For theories on who this antagonist could be and everything else PLL, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

As the new mystery is introduced, let's take a look at how the Season 6B premiere mirrors the Pretty Little Liars pilot, from the cinematography to the secrets to the LBDs.

It's A Reunion For The Liars

Although there's certainly no ill will between Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, it's seems like they've seen very little of each other over the past five years. They scattered across the country when Season 6A concluded and it's made clear that all four of them have avoided Rosewood at all costs. Both Toby and Ashley Marin point out that it seems like Ali's request (and a court order) is the only thing that can get them to come home.

In the pilot, the Liars had drifted apart to the point where they weren't even friends anymore. Aria had been living in Iceland since Ali's disappearance, and the other girls were "friendly," but not close or involved in each other's lives. That all changed when A entered the picture and Ali's body was found (or so we thought). Regardless of how you may feel about Ali, she does have a knack for bringing the other four girls together.

The Liars Have Some Trust Issues With Ali

Ali's come a long way since we first met her, but when Season 6B kicks off, it's clear that the Liars still have some resentment towards her. They don't appreciate that she's, once again, asking them to lie — even if the request comes from a well-intentioned place this time around.

Ali's letter to her friends indicates that she feels the five of them have an unbreakable bond because of all they've been through together, but the Liars don't necessarily feel the same way. As they reunite over drinks, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer vow to see each other more often and travel together — but they don't want Ali to be a part of it. In typical form, Spencer puts it most candidly when she says, "We'll travel and Ali and Charlotte can sit in that ugly house baking cookies."

A Sleepover Ends With A Missing Person

The pilot kicked off with a sleepover and Ali's disappearance. In 6B's premiere, the Liars enjoy a few too many drinks and wake up with hangovers and the news that Charlotte has vanished.

A DiLaurentis Funeral

Instead of Ali's funeral, the Liars attend services for Charlotte in "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood. One thing that hasn't changed during the time jump? The Liars' funeral attire being totally inappropriate for the event.

The "Sara Harvey Thing"

The "Jenna thing," which was referenced repeatedly throughout the pilot, has been replaced by what is essentially the "Sara Harvey thing." What the heck did the Liars do to Sara that has them so worried she'll tell? And, when Sara walks into Charlotte's funeral, it almost identically mirrors Jenna's arrival at Ali's. She's escorted in (presumably due to some sort of injury) and her entrance turns heads just like Jenna's did.

The Liars Will Be Questioned About Charlotte's Murder

Charlotte's death is ruled a homicide and Lorenzo tells Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer that they'll need to stick around Rosewood in order to answer a few questions. Wilden basically told them the exact same thing after Ali's funeral — and something tells me they won't be completely honest this time around, either.

They're Being Watched

The biggest parallel comes in the final moments of Season 6B's premiere. Viewers see that, as the Liars stand outside the church, someone is watching them from a nearby car. (Who, you ask? We'll probably find out in about four seasons.) The pilot concluded with the four girls standing together outside Ali's funeral as they received the exact same text message from A. The closing scene of 6B's premiere makes it official — there's a new Big Bad after them. Whether about to begin their junior year of high school or returning home five years after graduation, the Liars just cannot catch a break.

Forgot what happened in Season 6A? Check out the (drunk) PLL recap video below.

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