This Could Be A Huge 'PLL' Season 6B Clue

by Kaitlin Reilly

It has been five years — well, in TV time — since the Liars were spotted in Rosewood. But, while Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna have been through some major changes in recent years, some things stay exactly as they have always been. Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars episode "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood" showed Charlotte DiLaurentis (the woman formerly known by the alias CeCe Drake) finally getting released from the mental hospital where she had spent the last five years, much to the distress of Aria. Of course, that was hardly the most distressing thing about the episode: The end of the Season 6B premiere revealed that Charlotte was murdered and that the Liars are the main suspects. Charlotte was thrown from the bell tower in an attempt to make her death look like a suicide, but the oddest thing about her body wasn't how it was found — it was in what she was holding. Why was Charlotte DiLaurentis holding a rose when she was found in front of the bell tower?

Right now, viewers have zero ideas as to why Charlotte was holding a rose — in fact, the police haven't even mentioned the flower when discussing the details of her heinous murder. Still, it seems like a pretty important piece of evidence, especially when one considers how Charlotte's rose could connect with yet another unsolved crime in Rosewood. Could Charlotte's killer have planted a rose on her because they wanted to send a message about Mrs. DiLaurentis' death?

Charlotte, Alison, and Jason's mother was murdered in Season 5, but while we assumed that A was the one who did the killing, Charlotte was only guilty of burying her mother after finding her body. Roses — and flowers in general — have long been associated with the morally dubious Mrs. DiLaurentis, as gardening was her second favorite pass time. (Lying was her first, obviously.) In fact, she had such a green thumb that Bethany Young drew pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis watering her flowers.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the flowers we see in the episode are the same color as ones that Alison had in her house. If they really are the same flowers, that could point to two things: That Charlotte was bringing flowers to someone, or that the person was stalking Ali and Charlotte in their home, and took the flowers right before the murder. Either way, it seems these flowers could have a strong connection to Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder. Charlotte could have been attacked by a person whom she thought was a friend of Mrs. D., but was really a foe. Or, perhaps, the connection's even more simple than that — like that Charlotte was going to lay the roses by Mrs. DiLaurentis' grave and got intercepted. After all, Mrs. DiLaurentis clearly had plenty of enemies in Rosewood — could someone have been angry that Charlotte was mourning her mother's death?

Only time will tell what those roses around Charlotte's body really mean, but one thing's for sure: There are no coincidences in Rosewood.

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