John Oliver Is The Only V-Day Plan You Need

This year, don't spend the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day in a fret about what you'll do and whom you'll be with on the big day. Whether you don't have plans at all, or your date just isn't compelling enough to get you to stay out past 11 p.m., there will still be an opportunity to save the day. Enter John Oliver's new Last Week Tonight trailer, which should get you very excited about the show's third season, premiering on HBO Sunday, Feb. 14.

In true satirical form, Oliver's newest promo pokes fun at all the haters. The trailer features Oliver himself, sitting behind a desk on a raised platform in an all-white room. The platform begins to spin, as graphic elements appear on the screen. Eventually, the desk begins spinning too quickly for Oliver's taste. The booming voice of a narrator proclaims, "Brace yourselves, America, and get ready for the return of the most authoritative voice in all of news." Oliver then interjects with his best awkward-sounding "Hello." If you're a fan of the show, you'll recognize the humor and appreciate the raving reviews Oliver includes throughout the rest of the trailer.

If this isn't a glowing recommendation, then I don't know what is. The narrator offers, "The Wall Street Journal says it 'makes people dumb,'" referring to a September 2014 column that bears the headline, "John Oliver Makes People Dumb." The column criticized Oliver's stance on net neutrality, which he had discussed during an earlier episode. Oliver gets the last laugh, though, saying jokingly, "Be honest, do you really disagree with that?"

Next, the audience is reminded of that minor feud between Oliver and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2015. In October, Trump tweeted that he had turned down an appearance opportunity on Oliver's "very boring and low-rated show." Oliver shot back at Trump at the time that he had in fact never invited Trump on the show.

Then there was that time (coincidentally, also in October 2015) Cher called Oliver a "wee [rat emoji] face" on Twitter. (For the record, she also said much more explicit things, which Oliver probably wanted to include in the trailer, but couldn't.) Yes, Oliver, the Cher said that about you. But clearly, you know it makes for good TV.

Oliver also relives insults from a FIFA executive and the president of Ecuador. Ultimately, as the narrator says, the show will be "back despite popular demand" on Valentine's Day. Trump probably won't be watching, but then again, doesn't that make it all the more enticing to tune in?

Watch the entire trailer below:

Images: LastWeekTonight/YouTube