Lauren Morrill's New YA Novel 'My Unscripted Life' Captures All Our Hollywood Dreams — EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL

You know that dream you have (it's not just me, right?) when you get called to be an extra in your favorite TV series, and then the crush-worthy star spots you in a crowd and feels this explosive connection and you begin a wild romance? YA author Lauren Morrill totally gets you on this. Lauren Morrill's new YA novel My Unscripted Life is inspired by her own time as an extra on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Sadly, no she didn't run away with swoony Damon Salvatore, aka Ian Somerhalder, but maybe the thought crossed her mind.

In My Unscripted Life, Dee Wilkie is nursing a broken heart after being rejected by a school program she'd be dying to attend. But things are looking up when instead she spends her sultry Georgia summer days working as a PA on the movie set that happens to be starring pop superstar Milo Ritter, who has been gracing posters on her walls since middle school. If you're starting to a get a little Notting Hill daydream feeling in your chest, trust me, you're going to be hooked on Morrill's latest.

And you already know Morrill is a queen of YA romance that has you feeling all the feels. She has 2012's Meant To Be, 2014's Being Sloane Jacobs, and 2015's The Trouble With Destiny under her belt, so she's already one of young adult lit's favorite romantic writers. My Unscripted Life is only going to add to that pedigree.

Sure we have to wait until October 11, but thankfully we at Bustle teamed up with Lauren Morrill herself, as well as her team at Delacorte Press, to give you an exclusive sneak peek at My Unscripted Life's cover! Prepare yourself for the swoons:


Also, just in case you need further proof of Morrill's inspiration: She shares an Instagram shot of her time as an extra on The Originals so the rest of us can be super jealous.

October 11. Circle the date on your calendar.

Images: Courtesy of Lauren Morrill and Delacorte