An Official Ranking Of Damon Salvatore's Shirtless Scenes On 'The Vampire Diaries'

There are many good reasons to become invested in a show like The Vampire Diaries. For starters, the writing is fantastic, the characters are instantly lovable, and the entire storyline is impressively complex. Those are all really great incentives. However, I — much like most Mystic Falls humans — feel compelled to tell you that the No. 1 reason I first tuned in had nothing to do with plot and everything to do with the one and only Ian Somerhalder, who plays bad boy vamp Damon Salvatore. I mean, TVD's hotness scale in general is out of this world, but I was ultimately powerless to escape the allure of the Smolderholder. All it took was one look into those beautiful blue eyes and I was hooked.

But as all dedicated fans of the series know, we've seen a lot more of this character than just his eyes. Julie Plec & Co. have been kind enough to grace us with numerous Damon Salvatore shirtless scenes throughout the years, all of which are extremely swoon (and highly drool) worthy. In fact, it's high time that chiseled chest got the proper recognition it deserves, which is why I've taken the liberty of ranking Damon's shirtless moments from slightly sizzling to positively scorching. (Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.) Also, you're welcome.

15. When He Was Tortured

I love a good rip-shirt scene as much as the next girl, but adding bloodshed and torture into the mix immediately afterward kinda kills the mood, in my opinion. So as far as shirtless Damon scenes go, this one could use a little more skin and a lot less bloodshed.

14. When Clothes Seemed Necessary

It's a great abs shot, mind you, but I much prefer the image of this sexy vamp taking his clothes off rather than putting them on. That just seems counter-productive.

13. When Clothes Didn't Seem Necessary

Much better.

12. When Seductive Jargon Came Into Play

I… umm… well… what was I saying?

11. When His Bathroom Took A Beating

I deducted a few points here on account of poor moonstone hiding choices. Come on, Damon. You're better than that.

10. Whenever Baths Were Involved

I mean, who hasn't wanted to experience a bath in Damon's tub, especially with bubble-covered Damon in it?! The only argument against this would be that we don't really get to see everything that's under the surface, if you catch my drift.

9. When His Suds Continued To Linger

How can someone so clean make me feel so dirty?

8. When His Eyebrows Mesmerized Us

The wet hair… the Smolderholder stare. Anyone else starting to feel a little dizzy?

7. When Delena Finally Happened

As far as Delena hook-ups go, this one is off the charts. But from a purely Damon-shirtless point of view, I like to have a clearly shot at all the, uh, merchandise. And Elena, girl, you're kinda in the way.

6. When He Made Even Naps Look Super Sexy

If this is a dream, then I don't ever want to wake up.

5. When He Was Drying By The Fire

If only that damn towel weren't in the way.

4. When Towel Watch Became A Major Part Of Your Day

So close and yet so far away.

3. When Dancing Factored Into The Equation

You know what they say about guys who can dance…

2. When Shower Scenes Stole The Show

It doesn't really get much better than that, does it? Except for maybe…

1. When It Sparked The Greatest Make-Out Session Of All Time

Not even Elena could resist such a massive temptation of bourbon and abs. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take a cold shower. BRB.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; Giphy (5); gifs4roleplayaz/Tumblr (8); Wifflegif