Justin Timberlake's "Tunnel Vision" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines": Grow Up, We're Over The Video Nudity

When Justin Timberlake started releasing videos from his new album, 20/20, and making public appearances, it very much seemed like he was trying to mature his image. He wasn't the hunky, post-'N SYNC bad boy JT, he was the older, married, and settled professional. But his new video for his latest single, "Tunnel Vision," serves to reduce all of that careful marketing to a rubble of juvenile, half-assed sexism. Sound like anyone we know? Have a look at the NSFW video below:

justintimberlakeVEVO on YouTube

Stylistically, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the blatant misogyny of Robin Thicke's much-discussed video for "Blurred Lines," which also featured an aging pop star and trendy naked women. However, Thicke's video goes that much further because one of the aforementioned naked ladies holds a stuffed sheep, which I guess is meant to make her nudity appear artsy? I don't know.

The point is that we have two men who have been in the music industry for some time now. Both are married, both have had musical success (although, admittedly, Thicke is the poor man's Timberlake) and both have resorted to boobies and faux-artistic porn posturing for their latest singles. Why?

What it feels like is a rather pathetic attempt to pander to an audience that's younger than they are. Look, 20-somethings, breasts! Models! Impressed? Well... not really. We loved Timberlake and Thicke because they were grown-ass men who didn't need to resort to NSFW stunts to showcase their maturity or sexuality. It's not cool or subversive to watch them interact with writhing naked models. Instead, it's just sad seeing a respected musician join the slate of male artists who objectify women.

Knowing what we do about their private lives (beautiful wives, quieter lives), it would have been a lot more edgy and with-it to forgo the naked girls. JT, you don't need to lean on sexy girls and tired pop star stereotypes. Just give us the funk and let it speak for itself.