Dual Music Box & Espresso Machine Brings The Party

There are many random things that surprisingly go well together as seamlessly as they do. Red Bull and vodka, milkshakes and french fries, and now music and coffee — in the form of a music box espresso machine. You can now sip deliciously hot coffee with an added bonus of listening to music while it was being prepared. Classic. Can you believe that no one has come up with this idea before? The closest you can get is a coffee shop waiting counter where indie music is being blasted from speakers all around you. I refuse to complain about most store's song selections because I fear they will start playing elevator music. I can't take that in the morning.

Over the last month I have run into amazing inventions that people have created on the internet. One of my favorites still remains the LEGO cereal machine, but this music-box-coffee-maker hybrid comes at a close second. If you are able to afford such luxury as the $4,200 asking price, then by all means, call your local Hammacher Schlemmer manufacturing plant and put in your order as soon as possible. I'm currently in that sweet spot of being broke and having little money, so I'm going to hold off for a little while. Maybe after all the student debt is paid off, and I have some money from my Powerball win left over, I'll get myself one of these bad boys. A girl can dream, right?

For those who can afford this luxurious machine, you're in for a real treat. It's a hybrid between the Swiss designs for elite coffeemakers and music boxes (Switzerland is considered the birthplace of music boxes so they know what they're doing). Ever since that music box scene in Sisters I've needed a palate cleanser to restore my previous association with a childhood toy. Having a ballerina music box that looks like something you owned up a man's butt really does a number on you.

My psychological distress aside, I'm assuming that because of their previous success with hot chocolate, Swiss people would also know a thing or two about coffee. I could very well be wrong, but you should take that chance. I know I would! Below are some of my reasons why this is an awesome invention that we all need in our lives. (When we can afford it.)

You Know When The Coffee Is Done

My morning routine is always revolving around coffee. I am not a morning person, and if you don't pour that brown stuff into a cup for me quick, I will turn on you. The problem with coffee makers in that they often don't tell you when they're finished brewing. Mostly, it's a guessing game of when you can finally taste that delicious mud. With this music box espresso machine, you will always know when your coffee is done —the music will stop playing.

You Own A Piece Of History

This is the first machine of its kind so you would essentially be owning a part of history. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

You Can Create A Dance Routine

While the music plays, you slay — on the dance floor. Make use of all the time you have in the day, especially those little breaks while your coffee brews.

Watch the full video of this machine at work and start saving up.

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