How 'Veronica Mars' Would Have Been Different If Veronica Ended Up With Piz

The teen drama wouldn't exist without the love triangle. Romantic triads are the stuff that fandoms live for, and Veronica Mars loyalists know that better than most. Veronica Mars introduced the infamous love triangle between Veronica's bad boy soulmate Logan and her first love Duncan when Veronica was still in high school, but it wouldn't be the only time that the scrappy private investigator had two guys vying for her affections. Though Logan ultimately became Veronica's main squeeze, he couldn't hold on to Veronica's heart when the pair reached Hearst College, and found himself competing for her love against sweet, goofy radio host Piz. The Veronica Mars Movie showed that our girl was with Piz long after she left Hearst (the pair reunited after years apart) but ultimately Veronica returned to the guy who secretly always had her heart — Logan. It's hard to imagine a different fate for Veronica, but let's try: how would everything have played out if Veronica stayed with Piz?

As a hardcore LoVe shipper, I'm inclined to write that the movie would have ended up devastating me had Veronica and Piz continued their relationship. As much as I adore Piz (and I do!) there's simply no way that these two could ever be endgame. So how would things have gone if that were the case? Here are a few things that would have changed in Veronica's life:

1. Someone Else Would Have Helped Logan

Veronica may claim that she helps Logan because of loyalty, not love, but let's be honest, here: if she was serious about making things work with Piz, there's no way that Veronica would have jumped at clearing her ex of murder. Instead, she would have put one of her lawyer friends on the case, if only because she knew how incredibly unhappy it would have made Piz to take it on herself.

2. Her Time In Neptune Would Have Been Short-Lived

Take Logan out of the equation, and Veronica would have come to town for the basics: a beach hang with Wallace, movies with Mac, and a dad/daughter takeout night with Keith.

3. Veronica Would Have Accepted The Position At The Firm

Nothing was holding her to her hometown, so why not go back to the life she was leading in New York?

4. Veronica Would Have Met Piz's Parents

Piz is a great guy, if not a great guy for Veronica. Still, Veronica blowing off Piz when he tried to introduce her to his folks? SO not cool. Had Veronica emotionally chosen Piz prior to the events of the film, there's no question that she'd be on a plane to brunch with the people who made Piz who he is.

5. The Bad Guys Would Get Away With A Lot More In Neptune

If Veronica stayed with Piz, there would be little reason for her to explore the dark underbelly that is Neptune. Whether you like LoVe or not, Logan always gave Veronica a reason to unearth the evil.

6. Life Would Be A Lot Calmer For Veronica

Piz is a stable guy who has never been in serious trouble. The closest Veronica would come to another murder mystery is Netflix's Making A Murderer.

7. Face It — The Movie Would Not Have Been Nearly As Amazing

Piz and Veronica just don't have that epic love story. And doesn't Veronica deserve a love story that spans years and continents?

Love you, Piz, but at the end of the day, Veronica's trie choice is the only one that wouldn't have bored us to tears.

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