Get Ready For The Live ‘Bachelor’ Wedding With Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici’s Cutest Moments

This Sunday the first live televised Bachelor wedding will take place. Catherine Guidici will walk down the aisle past friends and former Bachelorettes before reaching Sean Lowe and a dozen ABC cameras. For Guicidi and Lowe this will mark the beginning of their lives together and the likely end of their television appearances. How romantic!

Don't worry though, you can still get your fill of Lowe and Guidici's personal lives whenever you want. You see, there's this little thing called Instagram that some people like to update way more than others. Both Guidici and Lowe like to post photos quite often and a lot of them are actually pretty cute. I can see why they were able to each pull around 400,000 followers who have no issue leaving creepy, obsessive comments.

Click through for Guidici and Lowe's cutest Instagram moments, then be sure to go live a full and happy life of your own this weekend before tuning into The Bachelor wedding Sunday night.

All Images: Sean Lowe/Instagram, Catherine Guidici/Instagram

by Lia Beck

Sean & Catherine & Champagne

That time they had champagne bottles dressed as a bride and groom and a woman in the background (Guidici’s mom?) tried and failed at giving bunny ears.

Image: Catherine Guidici/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & 3D Glasses

That time they went to the movies and Lowe hated on Speed 2.Movie night with this weirdo. Hoping Sandra Bullock is better in Gravity than she was in Speed 2.”

Image: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & The City

That time they looked like they were taking a casual stroll, but were really going to a Hydroxycut event. ”On our way to the Hydroxycut #SX7 launch at GNC Bryant Park!”

Image: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & Polaroid

That time Guidici wore a hat and they took a picture of a picture.

Image: Catherine Guidici/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & Commenter

That time Guidici posted this photo then got the strangest Instagram comment ever:

“I’m jelly of your boyfriend cause like i wanna marry a hot blonde and have hot blonde boys like 2 of them and like i can take them to like soccer and hockey and a lot of sports and we can celebrate christmas and thanksgiving and be all happy and yeah i like blonde guys lol creepiest comment who would actually read this?”

We would actually read this.

Image: Catherine Guidici/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & Halloween

That time they wore really cute, yet hard to identify, costumes for Halloween.

Image: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & More Costumes

That time they had the cutest Save The Date ever. Sean wrote, “1 year ago today, I proposed to this panda in Thailand.”

Image: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & A Wig

That time Lowe wore a funny wig and had the perfect caption for it. ”This guy definitely drives a van and owns cats.”

Image: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & A Leather Jacket

That time they got all gussied up and Lowe maybe couldn’t pull off a leather jacket as well as he thought.

Image: Catherine Guidici/Instagram

Sean & Catherine & Dogs

That time they took a “family portrait” and it was cute only partially because of the dogs.

Image: Catherine Guidici/Instagram