Get Ready For The Live ‘Bachelor’ Wedding With Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici’s Cutest Moments

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This Sunday the first live televised Bachelor wedding will take place. Catherine Guidici will walk down the aisle past friends and former Bachelorettes before reaching Sean Lowe and a dozen ABC cameras. For Guicidi and Lowe this will mark the beginning of their lives together and the likely end of their television appearances. How romantic!

Don't worry though, you can still get your fill of Lowe and Guidici's personal lives whenever you want. You see, there's this little thing called Instagram that some people like to update way more than others. Both Guidici and Lowe like to post photos quite often and a lot of them are actually pretty cute. I can see why they were able to each pull around 400,000 followers who have no issue leaving creepy, obsessive comments.

Click through for Guidici and Lowe's cutest Instagram moments, then be sure to go live a full and happy life of your own this weekend before tuning into The Bachelor wedding Sunday night.

All Images: Sean Lowe/Instagram, Catherine Guidici/Instagram

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