What Is Naomi From 'Total Divas' Doing Now? Her Career Hasn't Slowed Down At All

If your favorite cast member of Total Divas is Trinity Fatu, who's better known by her ring name Naomi, I have bad news for you. The Team B.A.D. member won't be one of the Divas featured in the upcoming Season 5 of the show, which premieres Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on E! "Unfortunately we have been replaced for the 2nd time but I support my girls & wish for another successful season," Naomi tweeted in September 2015 while Season 4 of the show was still on the air. Naomi's graciousness and her lack of resentment toward the Total Divas cast members that get to remain on the show is lovely and refreshing to see, especially considering all of the drama that goes down among the ladies of the WWE. But still, as you watch the season premiere of Total Divas, you probably won't be able to help but wonder what Naomi is up to now that she's not on the show.

Of course, just because you're not on Total Divas doesn't mean your career is over. Naomi had a lot going on before the show, and she has kept busy in the months after Season 4 ended, as any good Diva should. Most of her time post-Total Divas has unsurprisingly been spent working for the WWE, but it's great to see that getting dealt the blow of not returning to the show for another season hasn't completely knocked her out.

She's Still In The WWE

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Whether she's on Total Divas or not, Naomi has remained a major force in the WWE as a member of Team B.A.D., along with fellow WWE Divas Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka. She was even nominated for Diva of the Year in the WWE's 2015 Slammy Awards. I would say it was probably an honor for her just to be nominated, but since she lost the award to her Total Divas castmate and one-half of Team B.A.D.'s rivals the Bella Twins, Nikki Bella, not winning this honor was probably a crushing blow for Naomi.

She Traveled The World

The WWE went on a tour of Europe this past fall, and of course, Naomi came along to wrestle and see the sights across the continent. It sounds like she found Madrid particularly fantástico . Getting to travel all over the place has got to be one of the best parts of being a WWE Diva, in my opinion.

She Just Celebrated Her Wedding Anniversary

We saw quite a bit of Naomi's husband, WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso, né Jonathan Fatu, appear on Total Divas with her. Even though that won't be the case for the upcoming fifth season of the show, at least it's nice to know that the couple just celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Jan. 16. Here's hoping their love lasts long after their time in the WWE is over.

She Also Turned A Year Older

Naomi celebrated her birthday at the end of November with her "crew," including her husband and fellow Team B.A.D. members. I'm not going to lie. Judging by those wide grins, I kind of wish I was invited to the festivities.

She Gave Back

Follow along with Naomi's adventures on social media, and you're likely to see her and her fellow WWE stars engage in some philanthropy. In the past few months, she has brightened the day of patients in a children's hospital and showed her support for the troops. It's definitely nice to know that there's a heart underneath all of those muscles.

She Picked Up A New Sport... Sort Of

Naomi went bowling recently, and though she definitely gave the sport her own unique flair, let's just say no one should listen to the phrase "keep your day job" more than her.

But who knows? If she does continues to rock that day job, we could see Naomi on Total Divas again one day. She returned to the show once before, didn't she?