13 Reasons Book Nerds Make The Best Friends

by Sadie Trombetta

When people define what makes a good friend, they often use words like trustworthy, loyal, caring, and loving, while the term "book lover" usually doesn't make the list — but it should. From their impeccable reading choices to their big, intelligent brains, book nerds make the best friends in the world — and believe me, I know, because all of my BFFs are big readers, and they're the greatest humans in the world.

There is something about book lovers that make them the ultimate besties. Maybe it's the tenacity they've developed from reading 1,000+ page books and never-ending series that make them so loyal, or the deep routed compassion that's become second nature to them thanks to the thousands of different stories they've encountered, but whatever it is, book toting individuals should definitely be included your #squadgoals. Even in fiction, whether it's in a book, movie, or on TV, bibliophile BFFs are the absolute best. From Rory Gilmore to Hermione Granger, do I really need to offer more proof that book nerds make the greatest friends?

The next time you're on the hunt for a BFF, maybe check the library, because here are 13 reasons why book nerds make the best friends:

1. They're Great Conversationalists

Not only do book lovers have a wonderful vocabulary that makes them fun to listen to, but they're also the kind of people you want by your side in awkward conversations. Book lovers are full of facts, stories, and conversation starters (thanks to their favorite pastime) that make them ideal friends for small talk at a bar, meeting in-laws at an engagement party, and crafting the perfect text to your crush.

2. Empathy Is Second Nature To Them

Studies have shown that reading literary fiction improves empathy, so when it comes to picking a best friend who can understand your feelings, you can't go wrong with a book lover. Thanks to reading the diverse experiences of their own fictional favorites, book nerds are even more understanding of the ones you have IRL.

3. They Make The Best Trivia Partners

All that bookish stuff you know you learned in high school, but completely forget after a few beers at trivia night? Don't worry, your book loving BFF has your back, and all the right answers for the win.

4. They're Wise Beyond Their Years

Readers, as the quotes all go, have lived a million lives, and with those lives comes infinite wisdom. If you're having a bad day, need relationship advice, or just general life guidance, your book nerd bestie has your back, and a never ending supply of wise words.

5. They Will Never, EVER Mistreat Your Book

No one likes getting a book back to find dog-eared corners and chocolaty finger prints all over it, but that's the condition many book borrowers return them in. Fortunately, you won't ever have to worry about that when it comes to a book nerd. They would never, ever even think about folding down a corner, let alone eating withing 10 yards of a book that isn't their own. You can lend your favorite book to this kind of best friend without fear.

6. If You're Looking For A Partner In Crime, They're Always Up For Adventure

Some people might classify book nerds as "boring," but if your best friend is one, then you know how far from the truth that really is. Book lovers are always up for an adventure, whether it's driving across the country to search for your long lost family or fighting evil in the name of justice. They've been on a thousand different journeys in their reading, and they're just waiting for the chance (and the right partner) to have one in real life.

7. They Know Just How To Cure A Hangover

... a book hangover, that is. Book loving best friends know that low, sinking feeling you get when you've just finished an amazing book or series, because they've been there so many times before — and that means they know how to cure them, too. Whenever you're feeling lost after closing a book, they have just the right suggestion to get you out of your funk and onto a new, exciting read.

8. If You Need Them In The Middle Of The Night, They're Probably Awake

Book lovers never sleep —they're too busy reading — so if you find yourself in crisis in the late hours of the evening or the wee hours of the morning, fear not, because they're up and they'll be there for you... as soon as they finish the next chapter, that is.

9. They Have Great Reading Recommendations, No Matter What Your Taste

Even if you and your best friend have different taste in clothes, music, and men, they can probably recommend a book of your liking if they really are a book nerd. They might prefer literary fiction, but that doesn't mean they don't have a good supernatural romance to suggest to you. They love books — all books — so they know what's out there, and because they love you too, they know what you like.

10. When In Doubt, They Have The Perfect Quote For Every Situation

Need an opening line for a graduation speech, a romantic inscription for a Valentine's day card, or the perfect tweet to sum up your feelings about the latest celebrity break up? Are you having a terrible day, and just need some perspective? Your best friend is there with the exact book quote you need, every time.

11. It's Easy To Get Them Gifts

Books, book marks, book totes, literary themed mugs, posters with book quotes on them... I can keep going here, but I think you get the picture. Book nerds are easy to shop for, because there's always a book on their wish list.

12. They Can Help You See Both Sides Of The Story

Life is messy and complicated, an no one understands that better than an avid reader. When you are in a pickle and need help or unbiased advice, your book nerd BFF is there to assist you, because they're great at seeing both sides of the story. Why? Because they've read every side to every story, and they know the truth isn't as simple as it seems.

13. They're Good At Predicting The Future

"I totally called it!" is a phrase you've probably heard your book nerd friends say about a novel before. Thanks to their years of reading experiences, they're good at picking up on the patterns, and not only in books, but in real life, too. Troubled relationship, awkward roommate situation, problems at work? Your book nerd BFF can help you solve any of these problems, because they know what's going to happen next.

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