Faith Takes The 'Vanderpump Rules' Hawaii Trip To The Next Level Thanks To A Fearless Double Fist

Mahalo to Bravo, to Andy Cohen, to Lisa Vanderpump, to the SURvers, and to the city of Honolulu for making this Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules possible. Just like the mid-season trailer and the tabloids promised, the Pump Rules Hawaii trip has been about as wild as a sunscreen bottle full of booze. And we are only one episode in. In the first part of the Honolulu vacation, the Pump Rules cast addressed a few of the major conflicts that’ve been percolating throughout the season: Jax and James reluctantly put their Lala-related differences aside and decided to let “bygones be bygones”; Ariana and Tom Sandoval confronted Scheana about the “Tom is cocky” text messages the “Gold As Gold” singer sent to Ariana’s mom; and Brittany, Lala, and Jax argued about whether or not Jax explicitly expressed interest in sleeping with Lala. I'm pretty sure I say this after every Pump Rulesepisode, but it was yet another beautiful hour of television. This is Pump Rules Season 4's world, we're just living in it.

If I had to pick the best scene of the episode? AUGH DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. OK, fine. I'll choose one of my many favorite moments of the night: I could not get enough of the scene we saw Faith plop down on a pool chair with a drink in one hand, grab a second alcoholic beverage, and proceed to sip two different cocktails at the same time. Like the patron saint of vacation or something. It was majestic.

Now, I’m no mixologist, but if I were to guess what she was imbibing, I'd say the drink in her right hand looks like a blended margarita, and the drink in her left hand looks like a Mojito. She was literally doubling down on that Mojito margy life. I mean, why would you combine 'em into one drink when you can enjoy two giant drinks, ya know? All of the respect.

Image: Bravo