13 Ways To Fake Looking Like You Got Sleep

by Lindsey Rose Black

Whether it's due to work, partying, a new love, or just a straight up inability to catch some Zzzs, sometimes you don't get to rock your REM cycle. Luckily, I pulled together a plethora of ways for how to look like you've slept for eight hours, even if you've only managed to snooze for half of that. I may not be able to help how tired you actually feel, but I can definitely tell you how to appear brighter-eyed and bushier-tailed!

I was fortunate to learn my tips and tricks for faking looking awake from professionals on Disney sets back when I was acting as a teen. I used to have 4:30 a.m. wakeup calls and, let me tell ya, I didn't exactly show up looking super chipper and ready to start shooting at 6 a.m. Beyond developing a very committed relationship with coffee as a 14-year-old actor, the makeup artists I had the privilege to work with had all sorts of magical hacks up their sleeves to make me look like I'd gotten plenty of sleep the night before. They even helped me achieve a hint of that deep sleep, happy baby glow. You know what I'm talking about.

While I've since traded in scripts for word docs of my own, one thing that hasn't changed is my ability to get as much sleep as I should. Below are all the hacks that I use to fake looking like I got sleep:

1. Take A Cold Shower

It might sound completely brutal, but Pop Sugar recommended hopping in a cold shower to brighten and tighten pores. Though it's not the easiest advice to follow, it's so, so helpful.

2. Exfoliate

Original Scrub, $15, Frank

Whether or not you're running late, taking the time to exfoliate your face will swipe dead skin cells that are adding dullness. Consider one with coffee to create a caffeine-boosted glow!

3. Chug Water

"Lack of sleep can compromise your skin's barrier and make it tough for it to retain water. That dehydration then accentuates any fine lines you already have, which just makes you look even more tired," Ranella Hirsch, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Boston University Medical Center, told Allure. Pour yourself a giant class and chug it before you switch to dehydration-causing coffee.

4. Apply Moisturizer

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer, $21, Kiehl's

Add additional hydration love to your face by swiping on a soothing moisturizer.

5. Reach For Highlighter

NudeStix Sculpting Pencil, $24, Sephora

A highlighter pencil can work wonders on a tired face. Swipe and blend a few streaks both just above and below your brows, under your nostrils, and right below your bottom lip.

6. Pop Some Cucumbers Over Your Eyes

Since putting cucumbers over your eyes does in fact work for soothing puffiness, try to leave a few chilled slices over your eyes for a few minutes if you have time in the morning.

7. Conceal Correctly

Applying your concealer in a "triangle shape" will help brighten your eyes more than simply swiping directly under.

8. Use A Lash Curler

Pink Lash Curler, $7, WhipLash

When you look tired, it's extra important to to focus on opening your eyes. A lash curler will instantly make you look a little more awake no matter how zombified you feel inside.

9. Don't Forget A Lash Comb

Folding Lash Comb, $12, Tweezerman

Don't weigh down your curled lashes with clumpy mascara. Brushing them through with a lash comb will ensure your lashes stay wide and bright.

10. Consider White Eyeliner

White Liner, $1, Wet'n'Wild

Swiping a little white eyeliner on your bottom lash line is another sneaky trick that will make your eyes look nice and awake even if you'd rather have them closed.

11. Step Away From Sweats

White Button Down, $135, Zady

Unless you're off to the gym, dress as if you got a full night's sleep. Looking at yourself in the mirror in a fierce work outfit will motivate you to actually channel some #LetsDoThis energy.

12. Possibly Put Hemorrhoid Cream On Your Face

Give me a chance to explain myself. According to Prevention (and my former makeup artist!), a few dots under your eyes will help shrink and tighten blood vessels to reduce puffiness. Thanks, booty cream!

13. Add Glow

Cheek Stain, $30, Tarte

My salvation product when I didn't get enough sleep is Tarte's lip and cheek stain. It adds a dewy warmth to my cheeks and a subtle pop of cherry to my lips. This is the ultimate weapon for any sleepy girl!

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