These New Jelly Bean Flavors Are Kind Of Insane

If you were under the impression that Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans were the stuff of folklore, you should direct your attention to the new jelly bean flavors. For the last couple of years, Muggles such as you and me were able to purchase and play an extraordinary game called Bean Boozled without the aid of a magic castle or the Hogwarts Express. For someone who has been waiting for her Hogwarts letter all these years, this candy game cannot come at a better time.

The concept is pretty easy. A small box containing different flavored beans is accompanied with a small spinner. You spin the arrow and whatever it lands on is the type of bean you have to eat. Sounds simple, right? There's a catch. There is always a catch. Some of the beans may look like your typical every day jelly beans, but on the inside they will taste like something you need to launder every couple of days. You might be getting a peach flavored bean or barf flavored one. There is no way to tell the difference just by simply looking at the candy straight on. You will have to put it into your mouth and hope for peach over barf. Unfortunately, no amount of magic can overcome statistics — barf will be tasted at some point. The geniuses behind the game have created gross counterparts to every good flavor in the box. Lime or lawn clippings. Chocolate pudding or canned dog food. The two paired flavors look identical which is what makes this game fun and risky at the same time.

Lucky for us, some new flavors have been added to the game recently. Introducing: Dead Fish and Spoiled Milk. If this doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will. Personally, I find nothing that tastes worse than spoiled milk. On many occasions I have had to throw out entire bowls of cereal because the milk has gone bad without my knowledge. I can still taste the sour taste on my tongue when I think about it. Dead fish, on the other hand, doesn't sound too bad since all the fish I have eaten tend to be dead. Anyway, this game looks like a ton of fun and definitely something kids would love to play along with adults.

The Flavors

In this fourth addition we get two new flavors to join the pack of already amazing beans.

The Spinner

You do as the spinner tells you. You might end up with coconut — or baby wipes. #YOLO

Video Of People Playing The Game

As long as there is a challenge in existence, someone, somewhere, will video tape it and put it on the internet. Bean Boozled is no different. Tons of videos of people trying the flavors with partners. Here is my favorite!

Images: Pixabay/skeeze