Blind Man Tests Jelly Beans Flavors Vs. Colors

You might know of Tommy Edison from his film review work as The Blind Critic, or you might recognize him from his YouTube show, The Tommy Edison Experience — which chronicles the unique and quirky experiences he finds himself in, as a blind man. In this new episode of The Tommy Edison Experience, Edison takes on a commenter's suggestion to try a Jelly Belly jelly bean color taste test so he could objectively decide what color each flavor feels like.

Edison was born without sight, so everything that he knows about color, has been taught to him and imagined accordingly. His knowledge and understanding of food and the types of colors and adjectives people attribute to them is surprisingly keen. So when you pair his color awareness with a super artificially flavored food, you'd think that the results would be pretty successful. After all, if any food is to be the epitome of its color, it's gotta be a jelly bean ... they don't exactly try to trick you.

Alas, Edison was not a super champion of the artificial flavor and color test. With only two out of seven guesses correct, he technically failed. That said, I'm not sure how much better a blindfolded sighted person might perform on such a test. Not only are there a ton of flavors but there are a ton of alterations within each flavor group, like "Orange Juice" and "Orange Sherbet" and "Lemon" and "Lemon Drop", like come on, who's gonna guess that?

Anyway, watch Edison not because he's the blind man who can see Jelly Belly colors, but because he's really personable and funny. Here are some highlights:

Who Likes Losing?

I think it's standard practice to say you hate a game when you're losing. I don't blame him.

Knowing Your Fruits

Edison just couldn't pull it together with the fruits. Limes confused with blueberries, licorice confused with bananas, none of the flavors seemed to be clear.

You Know What You Know

OK, so Edison isn't a big sweets kinda guy. When Jelly Belly is ready to make some meat flavored beans, he's ready to sign up for a taste test rematch. Until then...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

And one point for "Root Beer"! This is a total stand out flavor, if you've tried it, you know it tastes nothing like the rest of the bag. "Root Beer", much like the famed "Buttered Popcorn" flavor, has such a distinct taste, it's hard to confuse it with a fruit. It only takes a little bit of success to feel entirely different about what you're doing. See? Now he loves this game!

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube, Giphy