15 Eyelash Hacks For Full Lashes Every Single Time

Whether you have naturally long lashes or always swoon for pairs of fun fake ones, big, bright lashes are definitely going to be a thing in 2016. If you've yet to master styling yours, you don't want to miss these essential eyelash hacks for full lashes every single time. With tips for flawless mascara, fake lash application, curling, and more, you're bound to learn something new.

Why do I feel 100 percent qualified to speak on this subject? Well, I've been rocking fake lashes coated in mascara since I was eleven-years-old. After I saw Miss Congeniality as a fifth grader and became totally obsessed with the movie, I convinced my parents to let me enter pageants. I had always been crazy for all things makeup, but pageant life let me take my love of beauty products to a whole new level.

Miss Congeniality, $4, Amazon

While I never took home any Miss America titles, I did manage to become Miss North Texas Pre-Teen once, which was pretty fun! Even though I retired from pageant life years and years ago, my obsession with locking down perfectly full lashes remains.

Below are some of my favorite hacks for getting #flawless lashes every single time you're getting ready.

1. Removing Makeup Fully

Kirkland Signature Coconut Oil, $26, Amazon

Before you can properly apply any sort of eye makeup, you've got to have a clean slate. My favorite eye makeup remover is straight up coconut oil.

2. Buying A Good Eyelash Curler

Pink Eyelash, $10, Whip Lash

Full lashes starts with a solid curler. I say it's better to spend a little more on a really good metal one than constantly end up purchasing new ones!

3. Curling Lashes Correctly

Curling lashes at the base of your lash line is essential for getting the most lift, and the tutorial above breaks down exactly how to pull it off.

4. Trying The Blowdryer Boost

As seen on Brit +Co, one of my favorite tricks for extra volumized lashes is to blast your lashes with a blowdryer for a few seconds on the hot setting to create a curl, then switching to cold for a second or two more to set the shape. It's super simple!

5. Getting A Quality Lash Comb

Folding Eyelash Comb, $10, Amazon

Combing through your lashes with a decent lash comb after applying mascara is essential to spread them out and brighten your face.

6. Using Lash Thickener

Subversion Lash Primer, $20, Sephora

For an instant boost, swipe on lash thickener before applying mascara. You're going to be pleasantly shocked by how much of a difference it makes!

7. Testing The "Spoon Curl" Trick

Beauty master Michelle Phan came up with this brilliant curling trick: Push the tip of a spoon softly against your lid, which gently curls your lashes. The video above breaks it down.

8. Getting A Bent Mascara Wand

High Lengths Mascara, $16, Amazon

Opting for an angled wand will create more curl and help you avoid creating annoying clumps.

9. Removing Excess Mascara Before Application

Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara, $11, LORAC

If your wand is covered in mascara before you apply it, it's going to go on goopy. Scrape down the sides of the wand on the edge of the tube before coating your lashes to avoid weighing them down.

10. Adding Mascara To Your Bottom Lashes


Channel your inner Twiggie and swipe mascara on your bottom lashes to add some serious eye-popping fullness.

11. Trying The Other Blowdryer Boost

If blowdrying your lashes directly sounds intimidating, Minq pointed out how you can blast your curling wand with high heat just before using it to create a mini curling iron effect on your lashes.

12. Sectioning Your Falsies

False Eyelashes, $10, Sephora

Here's a tip I swear by for full lashes: Cut false lashes into three sections to make them easier to apply and give you a more natural-looking final result.

13. Faking Thickness With Baby Powder

Baby Powder, $7, Amazon

If you don't want to splurge on a volumizing thickener, Gurl shared that you can swipe baby powder over your eyelashes with a Q-tip to fake thick lashes. Start by applying one coat of mascara so the baby powder will stick, swipe it on, and then add one more coat to cover it and create fullness. Bam.

14. Upping The Oomph With Shadow

NudeStix Magnetic Eye Color, $24, Sephora

Black eye shadow smudged into your upper and lower lash lines will add even more drama than mascara alone.

15. Adding Glue With A Bobby Pin

Bobby Pins (6-pack), $9, Amazon

To avoid any horrendous glue globs on your fake lashes, dip a bobby pin into lash glue and then apply to false lashes to control the amount more easily. Secure the perfectly glued falsies onto your natural lashes and you're good to go!

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