Katy Goes Dark for Grammys Performance

No, she didn't shoot whipped cream out of her breasts, lead a marching band, or even kiss a girl, but Katy Perry's 2014 Grammys performance did not disappoint.. The John Mayer-lovin' pop princess danced in front of a crystal ball (moon?!), grinded up on some over-sized broom sticks, and we think she may have just ended with a satanic-ritual type circle of fire. So, that was... different.

Perry seemed to be trying to bewitch us with the over-the-top effects and props, but we weren't fooled — her vocals were definitely strained. While we applaud Perry for getting out of her bubblegum comfort zone and into a dark and spooky forest with contortionists, we're just a little bit confused (and okay, scared) by that performance. We did really enjoy that red glowing top, though. Where can we get one?

Perry is nominated twice tonight, for Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance, both for the Sara Bareilles sound-a-like song, "Roar." It should also be noted that Perry has been nominated a staggering 11 times but has won no Grammys thus far. Girlfriend can almost rightfully join Susan Lucci and Leonardo DiCaprio in the snub club.

We're not crying too hard for the 29-year-old just yet, though. Perry doesn't shy away after a less than stellar performance, nothing really brings that girl down. Besides, she'll end will end up a winner sooner or later... right? Well, this is the Grammys so, actually, we don't know anything for sure. Hang in there, Katy, and don't put any hexes on us!

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