9 Must-See Strang & Buting GIFs From 'MaM'

Viewers strongly believe that the stars of Netflix's docuseries Making a Murderer are defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerome Buting. Their online viewer base is, well, in a word: Passionate. Even actor Kristen Bell has voiced her love for the two, tweeting a picture of the lawyers surrounded by hearts. As seen in the docuseries, Strang and Buting ultimately lost their case, and, in 2007, Steven Avery was convicted of Teresa Halbach's murder (of which Avery still maintains his innocence). But, the pair took their client and his case so seriously that they earned the respect of viewers, especially online. In fact, many Tumblr users have taken the time to immortalize Strang and Buting in GIF form to commemorate their legislative efforts.

Even after Avery was convicted, the two lawyers continued to speak up on behalf of their client throughout the docuseries. They have also continued speaking to the press now that the series has been released nearly a decade after Avery's conviction. Even all these years later, it's clear the pair has kept up on the case. All of that, plus their attempt to prove Avery's claims of innocence, has led to what can only be described as a passionate viewership, made even more evident by these GIFs.

When Strang *Patiently* Waited

Feel free to use that second GIF for when your friend is taking their sweet time to get to your dinner reservation.

When Strang Was Honest

For the record, then-Undersherrif Robert Hermann denied the allegations that the Sheriff's Department framed Avery in the documentary. "It's not realistic. It's impossible ... it's so far fetched it's impractical," he said.

When Buting Pulled Out All The Stops

Hand motions and all.

When Strang Battled The Odds

He may not have been happy, but he attempted to defend his client's claims.

When Buting Saved The Day By Holding A Folder Open

Sometimes it's the small things that matter most.

When Strang Outlined Justice

He's a wordsmith who will probably spike the law school application rate in 2016.

When Strang Was Bae

As you can see, viewers think these two are basically rock stars. But, like, really smart rock stars with law degrees and an admirable penchant for justice.

Images: Netflix; BatemanJason (2), YahooEntertainment (3), CandaLovesSelena/Tumblr; Giphy (3)