How To Buy Lovers + Friends Activewear

Thank goodness the whole athleisure thing has made wearing workout gear in public way more socially acceptable because if you weren’t already rocking leggings, like, all of the time — you will be now. The Lovers + Friends activewear line just launched, and I can confidently say you’re going to want to slip into these new pieces… and then never take them off!

The collection from the celeb favorite, titled “Work,” is available to shop or pre-order now at Revolve Clothing. The pieces are super modern — think, marble tank tops and leggings with side cut-outs — and range from $72 to $106. So, it’s pretty darn affordable, especially since one outfit will seamlessly take your from the gym to coffee to your couch, or wherever it is that you’re going.

Take a look at what this line has to offer because it’s the best thing to happen to activewear since Kendall Jenner made wearing leggings in public cool again. According to Refinery29, there’s a lot more to look forward to from Revolve clothing too, as far as workout gear is concerned, because they're launching their own active shop. So, this is only the beginning. I’d say this isn’t a bad place to start, so I hope you’re ready for me, Revolve shopping cart. Because I’m about to go in.

1. Marbled Tank

Twisted Tank, $86, Revolve Clothing

How could you pass up the opportunity to buy a tank top with a marble design?

2. Snake Print Legging

Runyon Legging, $80, Revolve Clothing

This coral snake print pattern is too cool.

3. Crop Top

Laila Crop Top, $82, Revolve Clothing

A crop top that offers support and style really is the best of both worlds.

4. Cut-Out Legging

In A Flash Legging, $90, Revolve Clothing

Sleek and sexy, no?

5. Snake Print Tank

Macy Tank, $72, Revolve Clothing

A tank top to match my leggings? Don't mind if I do.

6. Mesh Legging

Sprinter Mesh Legging, $106, Revolve Clothing

These leggings are cute and practical. Just what every girl needs.

Shop these pieces and more for an athletic-inspired wardrobe fit for any activity.

Images: Courtesy Revolve Clothing (6); Giphy (1)