Reverse-Flash Is Back On 'The Flash,' But He's Not The Only Person Barry Has To Worry About

When it comes to fighting off and capturing metahumans, Team Flash typically follows a pretty standard moral code. One that does not involve torturing the captured criminals once they are found and securely away from the citizens of Central City, or even Team Flash themselves. Then again, Harry is from Earth-2 so maybe he just didn't get the memo? Let me back up. At the end of this week's episode, not only did Reverse-Flash return to The Flash, but we also saw an increasingly sinister side of Harrison Wells' doppelganger, and I don't know about you, but it left me with some serious chills.

The very end of this week's "Potential Energy" made my hairs stand on end. Harry recorded a journal entry for his daughter, recalling an aquarium trip they took when she was four and he lost her and how terrified he was. It sounds super nice and innocent, until you recognize the ire in his deeper than normal voice and his assurance that he'd do anything for her. This journal entry then montages into his torture and possible murder of The Turtle, and it is apparent that Harry is losing his grasp on morality.

Other than Harry though, the man of the (eleventh) hour in this episode is the Reverse0Flash. He was equal parts confused and still somehow menacing. You can almost feel sorry for the speedster, who shows up in the middle of a tree-lined street, summoning Gideon to help him figure out his whereabouts. I mean, we've all been there, haven't we? Hopelessly lost with our own personal Gideon, who we affectionately call Siri, except we probably don't have the same destructive intentions. I digress. We can't feel sorry for him.

Despite the cheeky introduction, it's the serious turn the promo took that's really got me riled up. Everyone's confused over Reverse-Flash's appearance and rightfully so. That is, until the revelation that they are now a part of the villain's origin story. Boy, The Flash has only been back for one episode and already it's dropped enough bombs to change the course of Season 2.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW