Eileen Davidson Claims She Was In Abusive Relationship On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' & It's A Brave Admission

It took a couple of seasons, but Eileen Davidson is finally opening up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . The soap opera star shared a story about her past on Tuesday's episode, and it was incredibly moving. During a dinner where the RHOBH stars spoke about things that kept them up at night, Eileen claimed to the other women that she was once in an abusive relationship. And, it was incredibly brave for her to open up about her past and share her experience not only with her cast mates, but also with the viewers at home.

The RHOBH star didn't allude to who the relationship was with, and, instead, she kept the focus on her own side of the story. She explained that she didn't think people would expect someone like her to be involved in that type of relationship, echoing the overall theme of the dinner — everyone has their own private issues that keep them up at night, and sometimes you never know what people's stories are.

Eileen mentioned a few details of her alleged abuse, claiming that during this relationship she had her nose broken and one time she had to call the cops. But, she said she eventually realized that she was strong enough to move on and not go back to this allegedly abusive person. As she said, "You don't have to go through the same cycle over and over again."

As is the case for many other victims of domestic abuse before her, Eileen speaking out about her past relationship was incredibly moving and powerful for both herself, and for those watching at home. By telling her story, she allowed others who might find themselves in a similar situation to relate and hopefully find comfort in knowing that they, too, can escape a potentially volatile relationship and move forward in life.

It couldn't have been easy for Eileen to open up about her past, but her fellow Housewives and viewers alike commended her for her bravery in telling the story, and in moving on and making the best out of her life today.