Fried Nutella Ice Cream Ball Is Made Of Dreams

You may think you're acquainted with every incredible way to consume Nutella — Strawberries? Toast? With your fingers? — but alas, you'd probably be wrong. From the darkest ethers of the Universe has emerged what can only be called a gift to humanity: the mind-bogglingly incredible "Fried Maltella" dessert, or fried Nutella ice cream ball. It is as it sounds: a grapefruit-sized ball of fried Nutella and vanilla ice cream, covered in crushed Maltesers and topped with hot, salted caramel sauce. (If you haven't died of ecstasy just from reading that, continue on.)

It comes to us courtesy of the Sydney-based café "Piccolo Me," and apparently, it was created to be split in half and shared, though that seems like an amateur move if you ask me. The café's co-founder, Roy El Hachem, is the evil genius who came up with the heavenly creation, though it began as a smaller project two years ago. Originally, he created a smaller version of the ball, but eventually decided to step it up. "With the new one, I thought I've gotta do something different, so why don't I just push the boundary and see how far I can go? So I did, and when that happened I was like — Wow, I actually made it!" he told Mashable.

And if you think this is something you could just make at home – you'd definitely be wrong. In fact, the recipe is so intricate, it takes two days of preparation to complete. This is because it takes many hours for the ice cream to set to the point of being able to be fried. Unfortunately for Piccolo Me, this means that the potential for it to be a regular menu item is slim, but they'll be offering limited edition servings at the café's Macquarie University store beginning on January 25. (Now would be a good time to head down under!)

"We've got about 100 ready to go, we started making them on the weekend," El Hachem told Mashable, explaining that there was no doubt that University students would flock to get a taste of the creation. Nutella, after all, has definitely become a craze, particularly in Australia right now. "My love for Nutella started a few years ago actually. We were one of the first cafés to ride the Nutella wave, but now it's everywhere — anything you can put it on, you put it on," he concluded.

If it's not too torturous for your poor soul, check out a few images of the dessert below. It may not be the same as trying it in person, but hey, it's what we've got for now. Also: how long until we ship the recipe (and some talented chefs) stateside? If they think just Australians are obsessed with Nutella... they obviously haven't met anyone else in the world. Aye?

Image: Piccolome/Instagram