What Is Calvin's Endgame On 'Agent Carter'? The Politician Has A Lot Of Secrets

Dottie Underwood may have been arrested, but there are plenty more villains on Agent Carter, and Season 2 has already introduced some juicy ones. What is Calvin Chadwick up to on Agent Carter ? He and his wife Whitney Frost are full of mysteries and power.

Chadwick is a business man who wants to be a senator. He sits on a secret council that's... almost certainly Hydra or at least Hydra adjacent. According to showrunner Michelle Fazekas on Twitter, this is the Secret Empire, run by the Council of Nine (or 12). In the comics, they are an evil underground organization that was once infiltrated by Howling Commando, and friend to both Captain America and Peggy Carter, Gabe Jones, incidentally. There are actually a few Chadwicks and one Calvin in the Empire's history.

On the other hand, Calvin Chadwick also runs Isodyne Energy, and honestly believes in the scientific advances that they are making. He seemed sincerely bummed when the council wanted to shut them down. There's definitely more to this guy that world domination and/or being a middle man in a Secret Empire, and I'm interested.

Plus, he and Whitney Frost have a fascinating relationship. They seem to support one another. They're both into science. Yet Calvin has clearly had multiple affairs, and Whitney is clearly not 100 percent OK with it. They're like the Fitz and Mellie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scandal fans know what I'm talking about. That poor actress already had to put up with an absurd amount of sexism at work. The two of them could definitely do some damage (together or apart) on Agent Carter, so watch out!

Image: Patrick Wymore/ABC