Is Wilkes Dead On 'Agent Carter'? The Zero Matter Accident Could Have Consequences

Boy, I'm glad to have Agent Carter back, and the Marvel series sure returned with a bang. Already, I need to cool it with the 40s lingo after watching this show. Onto more serious things, is Jason Wilkes dead on Agent Carter ? Isodyne Energy's supplyof zero matter exploded at the end of the second episode, and Peggy's new boo was nowhere to be found. How could he be gone so soon?!

Dr. Wilkes was on a mission to steal this mysterious substance and take it to the SSR when he was apprehended by Whitney Front. In their struggle, the substance hit the ground, and escaped into the buiding. Zero matter is the result of Isodyne Energy's atomic tests. When it was created, it sucked in everything around it, but those who have come into it since have had varying results. An employee named Jane was killed by it. We learned at the end of the episode that Whitney Frost survived, but has zero matter (or something) bulging from her face. Does that mean that there is a possibility that Jason Wilkes survived?

I think that's absolutely the case. In fact, according to the official ABC press release for Tuesday's episode "Smoke and Mirrors," he will be back — and is listed as a series regular rather than a guest star. However, there's no way that he hasn't been changed by the accident. In Marvel comics, there is a character named Jason Wilkes who becomes invisible and intangible after a scientific experiment goes wrong. Considering there's not much more to his namesake than that, I would guess that's why we didn't see Jason at the end of the episode or in the previews for the upcoming season of Agent Carter. He didn't die‚ he's just become significantly more difficult to spot.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC