Justin Bieber Yells "Stay Strong" Message to Fans in Bizarre Post-Arrest Tweet

If there's one thing I learned from AOL chatrooms as a kid, it's that when someone types in all caps, shit's about to get REAL. Obviously, shit's been real for Justin Bieber since his arrest (but I'm still busy playing the game mugshot or headshot?), but hey — at least he's concerned about his fans. On Friday night, Bieber tweeted a message to those who still belieb in him — his first verbal message after that weird Instagram he posted likening himself to Michael Jackson — and wow. DO YOU GUYS THINK THE YELLING IS NECESSARY, OR WHAT? Could he not hear himself over the din of the bar? Was Scooter screaming at him? Did he smoke some weed that went straight to his eardrums?

He wrote:

The greater-than signs are also throwing me off, as well as his creepy reassurance to fans that they're worthy. Worthy of what? A better icon? Free ketchup packets that come with fries? The questions are never-ending.

While Bieber's clearly having some sort of breakdown, his ex Selena Gomez, however, is doing fine. In fact, she's STRONG. She's rating pretty high on the a-okay index right now. Like, last night, she and Demi Lovato (who, by the way, is sporting some pink hair right now) went out for dinner. Girl time!

According to E! online, Lovato says that Selena has been "strong" and that she's "doing really well." In fact, Lovato seems to really be there for Gomez right now, so we know at least her girlfriend's got her back, which is critical in trying times.

These former Disney channel princesses are pretty good — for the most part — at recovering from tough times and waxing emotional but even with a swindling ex, it can be tough to see someone you love get imprisoned — I watch Orange Is The New Black, so yeah, I'm pretty empathetic.

While it's good to hear that Gomez is doing well, let's just get back to that tweet that reads like poetry to my Twitter ears. He'll be "FOREVER GRATEFUL" for his beliebers, so guys, do it for the Biebs: be like Selena Gomez, and "STAY STRONG."