New Podcast 'Honestly Though' Is Taking It There

But honestly, though. How many times have you wondered why your vagina itches, or whether that smell is normal? Or exactly why your anti-depressants or the Pill is affecting your sex life? Would you like to know exactly how your cycle affects your mood and sex drive, week to week? We'll be answering these questions, and many more, on Bustle's new sexual health podcast, Honestly Though.

Each week, I'll speak to a different expert about a women's health topic, using the real questions readers send to our advice columnists every day as our jumping-off point. What's become clear to me in fielding those many questions is that women (and men, and trans, and gender-nonconforming people) are hungry for some real talk about their bodies and sex lives. And they want the uncut details.

We already do a fair bit of that kind of real talk on Bustle's sex and relationships podcast, I Want It That Way , but on Honestly Though, we'll have a chance to delve into specific topics in a more practical, in-depth way. This week, for example, I spoke with Bustle's sexual health columnist Emma Kaywin about one of the most common questions she gets: how to clean your vagina. Spoiler — you don't really need to, and we talked all about why that is, and how you can avoid seven common vaginal hygiene mistakes instead. (Also, we talked about sticking garlic up your pussy.)

Next week, I'll be speaking to Dr. Julie Holland, author of Moody Bitches , about the ways anti-depressants affect women in relationships, so you'll want to subscribe to the podcast and make sure you don't miss that episode either.

Honestly though — I have no tolerance for vague, impractical conversations about women's health. Sh*t is about to get specific.

Image: Bustle