The Weekend's 2016 Grammy Performance Is Going To Be Legendary

Of all the awards shows the entertainment industry hosts every year, there's one I will always tune in for, no matter how dire the actual ceremony turns out to be, and that's the Grammys. My lifelong obsession with music from pretty much every genre (still can't get into metal, but I respect what y'all do) means that I'm always planted in front of my TV come February every year, waiting to see who's going home with what gold gramophone statue and what the performances are going to be like. Ever since the 2016 Grammy performers were announced on Wednesday morning, everyone has been going gaga for Adele, and I can totally see why — she's incredible, amazing, downright legendary! But I think we're forgetting about another massive 2015 artist, and that's The Weekend.

I've been listening to The Weekend ever since 2011, when he released his first mixtape, House of Balloons. I loved what he was doing — it was trip hop but with a pop sensibility, soul with an almost rock edge, and most of all, it just sounded good. Since then, The Weeknd — born Abel Tesfaye — has absolutely exploded, and it's pretty safe to say that 2015 was his year. Whether you're a longtime fan or you only discovered him last year, no doubt you'll want to see his performance at the Grammys, right?

TheWeekndVEVO on YouTube

The Weeknd's material could probably best be described as perfect bedroom music, but it's suitable for any time you need a serious, laid-back chill out session. His stage shows are much the same. There's not too much pomp and circumstance, save for some flame graphics usually dancing in the background, but that's kind of the genius thing about it. He doesn't need background dancers or fancy tricks — he stands there and sings and it pulls you in, and that's a pretty unique talent to have.

It's still unknown what The Weeknd will perform at the Grammys, but if I had to guess, I'd say it'll either be "Worth It" from Fifty Shades of Grey (or is that too last year?) or maybe a medley with that song and some of his other hits, like "I Can't Feel My Face" and "In The Night". Whatever he does, I'm sure it'll be memorable, though it likely won't get nearly as much attention as Adele's performance. Without a doubt, she's the queen of pop, but maybe she needs a prince, of sorts, and while The Weekend's an unconventional candidate, he's definitely more than capable of filling the spot.

The Grammys don't air until February 15, so we still have nearly a month before we get to see all these amazing performances, but something tells me it'll be worth the wait.