22 Super Bowl Party Decoration Ideas, No Matter Which Team You're Rooting For

If you're hosting your own Super Bowl party this year, you'll have a lot to plan for in terms of preparing refreshments and readying your home. While food, booze, and a big screen TV are key, Super Bowl party decorations are also a must, so here's an easy roundup of 22 ideas that work no matter which team you're rooting for.

During your Super Bowl party, you'll be entertaining from prior to kickoff through to the final second of the clock. While the game will provide most of the entertainment, make sure you've thrown a party, not just a game day gathering. With some guests arriving in face paint of their team's colors and head-to-toe fan gear, you'll want your game viewing space to reflect the same level of enthusiasm. Have your requisite banners and balloons on lock, but also turn up the excitement with unexpected additions like football throw pillows and a six-foot-tall goal post cooler for all your brews. Whip up treats to theme with cupcake toppers celebrating Super Bowl 50, and serve snacks on football-shaped plates and popcorn in football field boxes. During commercial breaks, get guests out of their seats with a photo booth and game of piñata. Regardless of which team you're rooting for this year, these decorations promise to get everyone in the game day spirit.

1. Ticket Invitations

Scoring real tickets to the Super Bowl will put you out of pocket for a while, but these significantly cheaper ticket party invitations will make attending your at-home game viewing feel kind of like the real deal.

Super Bowl 50 Ticket Invitation Download, $8.99, Etsy

2. Touchdown Banner

Get guests in the game day spirit as soon as they walk through your door with this "touchdown" banner that will have everyone throwing their hands up in the air.

Football Touchdown Banner, $22.00, Etsy

3. Football Foil Balloon

The party isn't a party without balloons, so stock up on these foil footballs. Just make sure they're fully inflated (*cough* Tom Brady *cough*).

Football Foil Balloon, $2.15, Balloon Direct

4. Confetti

Add a touch of NFL flair here and there with football confetti. Great for giving a little extra pizzazz to the buffet or coffee table.

Football Confetti, $2.39, Century Novelty

5. DIY Glitter Foam Fingers

Give guests a little something to show off their spirit.

Tutorial: Studio DIY

6. Cookie Cutters

Bake up some on-theme treats with these appropriately shaped cookie cutters.

Football Themed Cookie Cutters, $5.75, Etsy

7. Football Cupcake Toppers

Top off your cupcakes with these Super Bowl signs.

Super Bowl 50 Cupcake Toppers, $8,00, Etsy

8. Football Candles

Just because it isn't a birthday party doesn't mean there can't be candles to celebrate. Add a little light to some halftime snacking with these football flames.

4 Count Football Candles, $5.26, Amazon

9. Inflatable Goal Post Cooler

Keep your cold ones cold in this six foot tall inflatable goal post cooler. It also includes a football for some commercial break competition.

6' Inflatable Goal Post Cooler With Football, $33.99, Birthday Express

10. Serving Tray

Bring drinks from the buffet table to the viewing area with this football tray. Hungry guests will be trying to make a steal.

Touchdown Football Serving Tray, $25.00, Fancy

11. Football Shot Glasses

After a bad play or a great play, throw back a shot in a football shot glass.

20oz Plastic Football Shot Glasses, $1.19, Michaels

12. Turf Coasters

Keep your home tidy during the debauchery by having guests place their beers on coasters made of turf.

Bergino Turf Coasters, $15.00, Fancy

13. Football Throw Pillows

Make the couch comfier than the stands with throw pillows made to look like footballs.

Football Throw Pillow, $31.40, Zazzle

14. Snack Sign

Designate the buffet area with this sign for any time someone needs to take a time out.

Football Party Sign, $5.00, Etsy

15. Table Runner

Display your snack spread on this football field table runner.

Touchdown Table Runner, $40.99, Wayfair

16. Dinner Plates

Every guest will be able to pile up their pigskin with their favorite nibbles.

Football-Shaped Dinner Plates, $2.99 for 8 pieces, Oriental Trading Co

17. Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn is a popular game day snack, so make sure it's served in style.

Football Popcorn Boxes, $4.99, Etsy

18. Football Pan

If you're baking up any savory or sweet pickings, do so in this football-shaped pan.

Wilton Football Pan, $16.49, Michaels

19. Chili Bowls

These football field cups are perfect for chili, macaroni, or ice cream.

Football Chili Bowls, $5.50 per dozen, Oriental Trading Co

20. Photo Booth Props

Set up a fun photo booth with these playful printables.

Football Photo Booth Props, $45.00, Etsy

21. Football Field Backdrop Banner

Have guests stand with their football paraphernalia in front of this football field backdrop to snap the perfect game day pic.

Football Field Backdrop Banner, $14.99, Oriental Trading Co

22. Football Piñata

If the game causes a little pent up aggression, take a whack at the pigskin piñata for a recreational release.

Football Piñata, $12.79, Michaels

Images: Michaels (3), Etsy (7), Century Novelty, Studio DIY, Amazon, Birthday Express, Fancy (2), Zazzle, Wayfair, Oriental Trading Co (3)