22 Super Bowl Party Ideas To Show Off Your Team Spirit, Whether You're Cheering For The Seahawks Or The Patriots

I've been a football fan since I was a little girl, and despite having my dedication and knowledge constantly questioned by bros every year, the Super Bowl (and Super Bowl parties) is still like a second Christmas to me. What's better than a day full of food, booze, and partying with your friends and family? Of course, I'm a little bitter this year since my team, the Green Bay Packers, got knocked out by the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. And by a little, I mean that I'm almost willing to root for the New England Patriots. That bitter.

But I digress. Maybe this is your first time hosting a Super Bowl party, or maybe your house is the place to be every year. Either way, you know there are a bunch of items you'll need to get in order to make your party as exciting as the game. The only thing you'll have to find for yourself is your game day outfit and, for the record, sparkly fan-gear is totally legit — it's what I wear!

Seahawks Banner

Whether you’re partying in your backyard or in the living room, this rustic burlap banner will last past the Super Bowl and beyond.

Go Seahawks Burlap Banner, $27.50,

Patriots Balloons

Inside, outside, doesn’t matter — balloons are the universal symbol for “Party!”

New England Patriots Ballon Bouquet, $12.50,

Seahawks Players Wine Charm

Oh heyyyyyy, Russell Wilson…

Seattle Seahawks Wine Charms Set of 8, $25,

Patriots M&Ms

Sweet treats for a sweet win, perhaps? It’s hard to beat custom M&Ms.

My M&Ms Printed Candies — New England Patriots, $34.99,

Seahawks Beer Bucket

Keep those brews cold in this cool (see what I did there?) metal beer bucket.

Seattle Seahawks Metal Beer Bucket, $12.99,

Patriots Wall Bunting Banner

Keep it classy with some classic red, white, and blue.

New England Patriots Wall Banner, $14,

Seahawks Beer Charms

Beer and football go together like, well, beer and football. Use these cute beer charms to make sure nobody swipes yours on accident.

Seattle Seahawks Beer Charms, $12,

Patriots Necklace

Beads aren’t just for Mardi Gras — and please, there may be children present.

New England Patriots Mardi Gras Party Beads, $11.79,

Seahawks Cloth Napkins

Paper napkins are cool, but cloth napkins sure last a lot longer.

Seattle Seahawks Set of 6 Reversible Cloth Napkins, $22.50,

Patriots Cupcake Toppers

Show off your team spirit (and your mad baking skills) with these cupcake toppers.

New England Patriots Cupcake Topper Rings Set of 12, $7.98,

Seahawks Paper Flowers

Whoever said football and Super Bowl parties had to be all about manliness was wrong.

Seahawks-Inspired Spiral Paper Flowers Set of 18, $24.30,

Patriots Photo Props

Hang a sheet on the wall for a make-shift photo booth to have some fun with these Patriots photo props.

New England Patriots Football Helmet and Logo Photo Props, $10,

Seahawks Cookie Cutters

The only thing tastier than victory is a mascot-shaped cookie.

Seahawk Cookie Cutter, $8.99,

Patriots Wine Charms

If wine is more your thing on game day, keep track of your glass with these bottle cap wine charms.

New England Patriots Bottle Cap Wine Charms Set of 8, $12,

Seahawks Plastic Cups

Perfect for sodas and beer!

Seattle Seahawks Print Plastic Cups Set of 8, $19.99,

Patriots Table Cloth

Show off your team pride — and keep your table drink-ring free.

New England Patriots Plastic Table Cover, $29.99,

Seahawks Plates

Your fellow fans will be cheering for more than the game with these plates in hand.

Seattle Seahawks Round Plates Set of 18, $4.50,

Patriots Wreath

Set the tone of your Super Bowl party even before your guests step through the door.

New England Patriots Burlap Wreath, $57,

Seahawks Photo Props

These would look great in your victory Instagram photos, am I right?

Seattle Seahawks Helmet and Logo Photo Prop, $10,

Patriots Plates

What’s a Super Bowl party without food (and plates to put all of it on)?

New England Patriots Large Paper Plates Set of 8, $3.99,

Seahawks Football Wreath

Hang this wreath all damn year, girl — football never goes out of fashion.

Seattle Seahawks Burlap Football Wreath, $29,

Patriots Serving Tray

Chips and dip or veggies and dressing — hell, you could even play a mini-game with this cool serving tray!

New England Patriots Chips and Dip Tray, $28.60,