How To Walk With Blisters On Your Feet

by Lindsey Rose Black
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There are times I can't help but sacrifice comfort for style, and wearing high heels definitely qualifies as one of those "pain is beauty" moments. If you also love the occasional pair of stupidly uncomfortable, but fabulous stilettos, make sure you know how to walk with blisters on your feet because you're going to get them. It's just the hard truth. Luckily, the hacks below will help you survive the night without totally wrecking your feet and wanting to cry.

My sister got married this past August, and I decided to splurge on the most perfect pair of nude heels to go with my bridesmaid dress. They were the closest thing in my price range to a pair of dreamy nude Louboutins, and I totally ignored all the rules for how to know heels fit properly and bought them without trying them on. Bad choice.

The day of the wedding, it was hard to know whether tears were streaming down my face because my sister looked so absolutely breathtaking or because I was just in extreme pain. I may never be able to answer that question, but I do know I never want to suffer the blister disasters I encountered that day.

I absolutely intend to utilize all the hacks below next time I rock that agonizingly painful (but oh-so-pretty) pair of heels so I can actually walk with blisters!

Before I go any further, can we stop and appreciate the cuteness of my sister (and those evil damn shoes):

Now, onto the tips!

1. Swipe On Vaseline

Vaseline (Pack of 2), $5, Vaseline

As shared by Dr. Weil, swiping on Vaseline over the blister as it's starting to form will provide a temporary "second skin" that will stop your shoe from rubbing until you have time to locate band-aids.

2. Swipe On Coconut Oil

Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil, $29, A mazon

If petroleum-based products aren't your thing, you can also use good old coconut oil to create the same sort of barrier.

3. Apply Liquid Band Aid

New Skin Liquid Band Aid, $6, Amazon

There's one more "second skin" you can reach for if you have it on hand — liquid band aids. These will also create a protective barrier between you and your shoes.

4. Pop On Thick, Dry Socks

Argyle Socks, $4, Uniqlo

Another Dr. Weil tip: Put on fresh and dry socks to soak up moisture that's causing your skin to easily rub and chafe.

5. Cool With Aloe Vera

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel, $7, Amazon

If you're putting on shoes over a blister you already have, apply a little aloe vera gel to it to help cool and prevent infection.

6. Buy Blister-Specific Band Aids

Advance Healing Blister Cushions, $4, Amazon

There's a ton of band aids designed specifically for the part of your foot has a blister on it, so find the shape you need and rock on.

7. Don't Pick It

Swan Rubbing Alcohol, $7, Amazon

No matter how tempting it is, do not pick or pop your blister with bare hands since you then leave yourself completely exposed to infection. Instead, rub a small needle with rubbing alcohol to sterilize it, gently prick the blister, and then rinse and top with Neosporin and a band aid asap.

8. Try Out First Aid Tape

Nexcare First Aid Tape, $4, Amazon

If your blister is in a super funky spot (i.e. between your toes) first aid tape is like your magic blister pain cure. You can shape it however you need to so that your blister is protected when you pop on shoes.

9. Coat Your Shoes With Deodorant

Tom's Aluminum-Free Deodorant, $7, Amazon

Lining the inside of your shoes with deodorant will create a protective layer and add friction so that your feet don't rub and worsen blisters. Bonus point for canceling the stinky factor!

10. Sprinkle In Baby Powder

Johnson'sBaby Powder, $2, Amazon

If deodorant in your shoes is just a little to out there for you, you can also sprinkle baby powder in your shoes and around your feet to suck out the moisture that will make blisters worse.

11. Get Padding Strips

Moleskin Comfort Padding, $4, Amazon

If you're struggling specifically with blisters on your heels, SheFinds recommended investing in Dr Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding Strips. They're thin enough to fit with most heels, and are like getting to wear a comforting sock while you pound it out in stilettos.

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