How To Wear Dresses In The Winter

When winter rolls around, I clear out my entire closet for a seasonal wardrobe change. Call me overdramatic, but there's nothing more amazing than getting to see all your sweaters and coats in line, especially after having not seen them in so long. However, there is one specific challenge I face when the cold comes in — learning how to wear dresses in the winter without freezing my legs off. It's extremely hard for me to put away my summer dresses, maxi dresses, and cocktail dresses when December hits, so I leave them there, tucked next to my jackets because I am determined to wear them.

This determination, however, left me in a pickle. Was I supposed to wear them and pretend I wasn't freezing? I mean, who even really wears dresses in the wintertime? Is it even feasible? Most of my dresses were made for the summer — they're lighweight, breezy, and soft. They don't stand a chance against one gust of wind, let alone a season's worth. I knew I had to find a compromise and luckily, I managed to find a way to make winter dresses work.

Here are three different ways you can make dresses work with your winter wardrobe. Just remember to layer, layer, layer, and you'll be good to go!

Wear Your Dresses With Tights Or Leggings

This is the more obvious solution in wearing a dress during the wintertime. If you feel like sheer tights is warm enough for you, then by all means rock it. But if you're in colder climates, definitely go with something thicker like leggings (or even jeans!).

(Body Shaping Full Tights,, $22.90)

...And Top Them Off With Scarves

(Factory Chunky Ribbed Knit Infinity Scarf,, $19.99)

Along with sweaters, I also like to match my dresses with layers and layers of scarves. Also, scarves are basically an extra blanket, and more fabric equals more warmth, which ultimately means being more comfortable all day.

Layer Your Dress With A Cardigan Sweater Of The Same Length

My favorite thing to do with dresses is to layer sweaters over it. I'll try to match my dress with a cardigan sweater that's the same length to make everything look symmetrical, but you can add whatever kind of sweater you like, of course. Sometimes wearing a pullover sweater makes you look like you're wearing a mini-skirt with an oversized top.

(Flange Pockets Knit Army Green Cardigan,, $20)

...And Pair Them With Socks

(Factory Camp Socks,, $10)

The key to being able to wearing mini dresses in the winter is to make sure you wear super thick socks along with your outfit. Sometimes I like to scrunch my socks to the bottom of my boot to make it look extra cozy. Other times, I just let it be. You can also wear knee-high socks if you're into it!

Wear Your Dress With Knee-High Boots

Personally, I try to stay away from knee-high boots. My legs are really long, so sometimes I get a little self-conscious while wearing them, but for some reason, I don't mind them so much with dresses and tights. It must be because they keep my legs warm while also looking super fashionable at that.

(Nine West 'Oran' Tall Wedge Boot,, $103.90)

And there you have it, super simple and super efficient. No need to throw out your dresses, all you have to do is layer and invest a really awesome pair of boots!

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