Kim Kardashian Has Holes In Her Dress

So, Kim Kardashian wore a see-through dress. You can literally her lingerie through the the crop top and skirt combo, which is apparently the look that the Future Mrs. West has been rocking post-pregnancy. Okay. Let's discuss.

Kim is obviously no stranger to saying, "Hey, look at my bra and underwear" — or not saying it, and just doing it, to be more precise — but this is not the sexy peek-a-boo tease of the bra. This is a fishnet dress, or, as some other folks who may not be as affiliated with fashion terminology, a dress with holes in it. When I was in high school, I once wore a pair of fishnet tights, and a guy was like, "Why do your tights have holes in them?" and then I cried for five seconds. I'm NOT anti-fishnet; I'll keep my fishnets in my closet for when it's appropriate, but he may have had a point.

The bigger issue here is that this is the second major fashion faux-pas of the week for Kardashian. Let's also discuss the Dior dress that she cut into two for her Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance. Sure, she pulls off the crop top look, but I don't know— I don't generally jump to grab my scissors when I land a Dior dress. But Kim and I are not one and the same.

Now, I'm not a nun (have you seen my post on the Fifty Shades of Gre y poster?), but, I mean, this outfit is making news probably for a reason. Now that cut-up dress is another story. Bringin' DIY to a whole new level.

I get it; she's dedicated to showing off her post-pregnancy body, and props to Kardashian for her commitment to that — and more props for her commitment to fashion. And, hey, while we're at it, props for taking risks, but at the end of the day, you gotta ask: At what cost (like, figuratively, showing your bra, or literally — the price of a Dior dress) is it worth it to show off how you look?