The Most Defining Fashion Moments In 'The Craft'

Even now, 20 years later, I can't walk away from The Craft being shown on TV. I still whisper, "take my scars," along with Neve Campbell as she attempts to remove the deep scars on her back. But for me, The Craft wasn't just about the fun quotes and unrealistic spells; it also had some amazing style moments that I still stand by today as Fashion Dos.

In 1996, I was a tween in an all-girl school where I wore a hideous plaid uniform. It was here that I started developing my own fashion sense. While my classmates were flocking to American Eagle, I was blowing my money at Hot Topic to imitate the witchy girls I wished I went to school with. By high school, I was spending about 10 minutes unlacing my knee-high Doc Martens that I wore to on my walk in to put on my "Catholic School Approved" heeled loafers. If you've ever worn a uniform to school, you know how crucial your accessories were upon entry into the fashion-restricting gates.

Once The Craft came out, I messed around with Ouija boards and could be found playing "Bloody Mary" in my bathroom while my dad banged on the door demanding I come out for supper. I brazenly hiked up my skirt and drenched my eyes in black eyeliner. Suddenly, a new person was born. I cared not for fashion rules and dress codes. I was an individual! (Albeit, an "individual" that was loosely based off characters in a fictional horror movie.)

So, I would be doing one of my favorite movies a disservice if I didn't highlight these 10 gothiest fashion moments of The Craft that truly defined my adolescent street style.

1. Dog Collars

Oh dog collars. I'm very glad to see chokers are making enough of a come back to be sold in almost every store, because my own spiked velvet chain has sadly, been misplaced. (Thanks a lot, Mom).

2. Thigh Highs

I believe I made one attempt to stray from the uniform knee socks, at which point Sr. Marie Paula hauled me off to the principal's office. This bold move may not have worked in most schools, but today, I can rock my thigh highs sans judgement.

3. Floral Sundresses

Long floral dresses could be easily gothed up with the right accessories. Plus, shirts under dresses are A+ for 90s throwback attire.

4. Layered Necklaces

These layered necklaces are a staple of The Craft... and my own 13-year-old self.

5. Fashion Crosses

Fashion crosses: Will they ever go out of style? The answer is absolutely not.

6. Witchy Shoes

I had to wait a very long time to find a pair of shoes identical to this pair. It was worth it.

7. Vinyl Trench Coat

While the craft certainly didn't birth the vinyl trench coat, a coat like this screams '90s and definitely made me incorporate vinyl into my wardrobe in any capacity.

8. Black Long Dresses

Black flowy dresses are to '90s goths what UFO pants are to '90s ravers: a nostalgic piece in time that you sometimes dream are incredibly fashionable again. But I say rock those dresses, because they are timeless.

9. Fishnet Shirts

Fishnet shirts are arguably one of the most uncomfortable shirts you could ever wear. I owned one that I never washed in fear that it would unravel along with my dreams of dressing like Fairuza Balk. And I loved it to pieces.

10. Heavy Black Eyeliner

The first time I successfully rimmed my eyes in black eyeliner, I rimmed them in angry aggressive round strokes much like the ones seen here. Thankfully, my strokes got thinner over the years, because goth makeup is as time consuming as it is beautiful.

I couldn't be happier that, with the resurgence of the '90s, these witchy looks are back in style. Not that I ever stopped wearing them anyway.

Image: Giphy (5); Columbia Pictures (5)