Justin Bieber Hits Up J. Lo's Show With Hoda Kotb

It's official: Jennifer Lopez has taken over Sin City. The 46-year-old singer's Las Vegas residency kicked off Wednesday at Planet Hollywood. Based on photos and videos shared all across social media by fans, her friends, and fellow celebrities, it looks like Lopez knocked her first All I Have show out of the park. Of course, with it being opening night, a bunch of famous faces were in attendance, including Gina Rodriguez, Leah Remini, and Ryan Seacrest. There was also another very random group of celebs hanging out at J. Lo's show that will make you go, "Wait. Huh?" Are you ready for this? Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osbourne, and Hoda Kotb went wild together in Vegas.

Let me give you a moment to let that randomness sink in. I mean, how did that even come about? I'm going to assume they were all seated by each other and just decided to make a party out of it. When in Vegas and at a J. Lo concert, why not?

Also, Wilson and Osbourne know each other, as we know from that time they chatted at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Anyways, this isn't a group of celebs you'd probably see hanging out on a regular basis.

As much as this group makes me confused, they definitely look they had a blast. I'm set to go to Vegas very soon to see Lopez's show, so the Biebs and his new friends have me even more excited to see Jenny from the Block.

Here's their random night in action.

The Day/Night Started Off With A Bang

Wilson has an uh-mazing view of the fountains at the Bellagio. Osbourne flew to Vegas alongside Wilmer Valderrama. And Kotb danced on stage before the show with Lopez's backup dancers. To say I'm jealous is an understatement.

Their Selfies Were On Point

Get it, ladies.

Oh, Hey, There's The Biebs

What. Is. Happening? Oh, and Kotb seriously knows how to photobomb.

Kelly & Rebel Even Tried To Pick Up Justin

Is writing notes to your crush still a thing, like when I was in high school? Whatever the case it worked, because Bieber checked the "yes" box.

If anyone can bring a random group of celebs together to have the time of their lives, it's J. Lo.