'Legends' Rip Hunter Should Look Very Familiar

In just a few hours time, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will premiere in what could arguably be one of the biggest spin-offs in comic book history. Not only will it mark the return of some of our favorite characters from both Arrow and The Flash, but it'll also introduce us to a few brand new faces as well, including Legends of Tomorrow 's time traveling ringleader Rip Hunter, who's responsible for bringing this unlikely group of comrades together. So who is it that actually plays Rip Hunter and why-oh-why does he look so familiar? Be prepared to have your wibbily wobbly timey wimey brains exploded, my friends, because Rip Hunter is played by none other than Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill, best known for his portrayal of Rory Williams, one of The Doctor's companions during Matt Smith's reign and, of course, the adorable husband of Amy Pond.

His departure from the BBC series marked a sad day for all Whovians worldwide, but I think we can all agree that it's beyond exciting to see him back on our small screens once more, especially In such a fitting capacity. After all, who better to serve as Legends' main time traveler than someone who spent many, many years traveling inside of a TARDIS? I mean, that has to be like the Holy Grail of spaceships and more than qualifies him to lead these heroes and villains on adventures throughout time and space. The Doctor would most certainly approve.

However, Doctor Who fans aren't the only ones who undoubtedly recognize Darvill. This actor has also appeared in yet another popular British show called Broadchurch, which, oddly enough, stars David Tennant, who served as the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who. And, if you really want to get technical here, Broadchurch's other lead star Olivia Colman (who plays Tennant's crime-solving partner Ellie Miller) guest starred alongside Darvill in the Doctor Who Season 5 premiere episode "The Eleventh Hour." (She was one of Prisoner Zero's many disguises.)

So basically, what we should all learn from this is that Darvill just can't get enough of time travel. In fact, it seems to follow him in some way, shape, or form, no matter where he goes. And even though I realize his character more than likely won't be anything like sweet, adorable Rory, I have no doubt that he'll become a memorable asset to the Legends team. After all, time is on his side.

Images: Brendan Meadows/The CW; thedoctorandthedashboard/Tumblr (2); lindril/Tumblr