Will 'Doctor Who's Rory Ever Return & 7 More Questions 'The Ultimate Companion' Special Should Answer

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Whovians rejoice! BBC America is embracing the return of our favorite Time Lord with the Doctor Who Takeover Week. Leading up to the premiere of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, there will be a Doctor Who marathon starting on Monday, August 18 and a TV special, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion , will air beforehand on Aug. 16. Fifth Doctor Peter Davison will host the special that will explore the role of the Doctor's companions over the years. And a bearded Tenth Doctor David Tennant (oh heart, be still!) will also be popping in.

Hopefully Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion will cover the most pressing questions we have about the Doctor’s companions throughout the show's long tenure. The TV special is only an hour long, so I don't expect too much, but here are some of the questions Doctor Who fans would love to see answered. (Spoilers ahead.)

Image: Adrian Rogers/BBC

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