'Reign's Season 3 Return Is Uncertain

Watching a show go on hiatus is always hard. Not being sure when said show will come back is absolute torture. But unfortunately, it's a problem that all Reign fans are going to have to start facing. You see, Friday night's episode "Bruises That Lie," marks Reign's winter finale. This is mostly due to the fact that The CW is finding itself a bit cramped for space now that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will be eating up a majority of that time slot starting Jan. 29. (Those shows were, in turn, nudged out of the Thursday night lineup by DC's Legends of Tomorrow and The 100.) So with nowhere else to go, this shift has left many fans wondering when Reign Season 3 will return.

Yes, I'm afraid there may very well be some cause for concern in regards to the show's future beyond this season. I mean, moving to Fridays (aka the death slot) is worrisome enough, but now Reign doesn't even seem to have that. And the network hasn't exactly offered any words of comfort about the matter. In fact, the statement that they released just said that Reign will return "later in the season, night and time to be announced." That sounds pretty vague if you ask me, though I'm hoping The CW will offer more insight once the episode has aired. (Normally there's a promo that announces the specific date for the show's return.) But until that time comes, here are a few shows that could help get us through this (hopefully temporary) Reign withdrawal in the meantime.

The Tudors

Following the reign of King Henry VIII, this historical series has everything — from gorgeous gowns to royal love affairs — that a Reign fan could hope for. Not to mention you'd also get a glimpse of a young Queen Elizabeth I (Mary's rival for the throne) and learn firsthand about the tragic love story that existed between her parents, King Henry and Anne Boleyn, that led to her eventual rule over England.


A historical drama full of love, bloodshed, and time travel? What's not to love? Plus, the entirety of Season 1 takes place in Scotland, so you just know Mary would totally approve.

Game Of Thrones

Sure, it's a little more graphic than Reign (OK, a lot more graphic), but that's really all part of its charm. Trust me when I say that you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen and become totally absorbed with these fascinating characters. Also, there's wine!

Downton Abbey

If you love Queen Catherine's plucky demeanor that's nothing compared to the sass that the Dowager Countess serves up throughout this British masterpiece.


Because if there's one way to improve upon a historical series, it's the inclusion of singing, dancing, and jazz hands. Obviously.

Long may your marathoning reign!

Images: Sven Frenzel/The CW; Giphy (5)