Which Dating App Is Most Effective? 18 People Share Their Favorite

There's a lot of debate around how effective dating apps are. You've heard they're the death of romance, they are all about hookups, they make people less likely to settle down, etc.. And in some ways, it's fair— the way apps work make us treat people like they're more disposable and changes the way we communicate, not for the better. While a 2015 Mic study found that only 9.4 percent people met their significant other on dating apps or sites, it is how everyone I know meets someone to date. So you shouldn't freak out and think there's no way you're going to actually meet somebody online. You totally, totally can. It's just about how to figure out how to do it effectively.

Because that's the actual problem with dating apps. They seem simple and slick, letting you just quickly swipe and make an instantaneous connection. But the truth is, they're incredibly time-consuming and it's not always easy to take the conversations offline. You can spend hours a week swiping and having mindless chat without every meeting someone in real life. They can be a total time-suck, as many of us remember from when Tinder first came out and dinners and drinks were invaded by incessant swiping and dull eyes glowing in the light of phone screen.

But part of it is finding the best dating app for you, whether you're looking for casual sex, short-term dating or a LTR. So here are the dating apps real people find most effective:

1. Jess, 25

2. Zoe, 28

3. Lily, 24

4. Kristen, 22

5. Kelsea, 28

6. Kathryn, 27

7. Michelle, 28

8. Jon, 30

9. Kara, 26

10. Jessica, 28

11. Ray, 31

12. Susan, 41

I had a great experience on a new-ish dating app, The Dating Lounge. I like how easy it was to see who I had in common with my date. I liked that I was able to see his first and last name so I knew who he was for sure. Then I like that I was able to reach out to the woman behind the app who is a real Professional Matchmaker and ask her what she thought of him as a match for me. And she actually replied and gave me some really good advice.

13. Antonia, Author Of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life

14. Asa, 32

15. Lindsay, 23

16. Matt, 26

I think Hinge is generally the most effective dating app. There's a limited number of potential matches a day, so you're not mindlessly swiping through countless photos. And because there's some degree of a connection, you feel like this is a real person, which leads to less flakes. I also like how there's a bit of a profile with some info, but not a super long profile of paragraphs. Plus, they just got rid of that god-awful 24-hour shot clock, which is a big upgrade.

17. Stephanie, 28

18. Kristen, 25

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