Bustle Explores Sex, Gender, & Health On Campus

by Julie Alvin

Bustle is looking for college students or recent graduates to contribute to an initiative called Bustle On Campus. We are looking for writers who are interested in covering the topics of sex, dating, sexual assault, race, gender, debt, mental health, eating disorders, Greek life, academic pressures, and substance abuse as they are experienced by college students in 2016.

Starting in February, we will be doing a three-month segment on sex, dating, and sexual assault in college. How have dating apps shaped love and sex on campus? What is it like to be in a serious, long-term relationship as a college student? What is it like to lose your virginity in college? What is it like to be a married college student? What is it like to be a victim of sexual assault on campus? How do you navigate consent when both parties are intoxicated? How have affirmative consent rules changed sex on campus? What is like to be a student on a campus notorious for sexual assault? What is sex and dating like within the Greek system? We are hoping to paint a diverse picture of what it's like to be dating and having sex on today's college campuses.

Here are the other prompts we'll be soliciting submissions for throughout 2016. We are looking for personal essays, reported features, and think pieces on these subjects. Writers who have unique personal experiences or stories to share as they relate to these topics are especially encouraged to submit. You can send in your submission HERE, via Submittable . Please submit your piece as early as we can as we're still deciding what the theme for each month will be!

Sex, Dating, and Sex Assault

Student Debt; Is College Worth It?

Gay on Campus

Gender on Campus

Race on Campus

Greek Life

Alcoholism/ Drug Abuse on Campus

Mental Health

Academic Pressures

Again, please send in your submission via Submittable.