Adam On 'Supergirl' Could Bring Love & Trouble

Just when you thought Supergirl was twisted enough in the 'shipping department, there's a new boy coming into town to shake things up. Who is Adam Foster on Supergirl ? Cat Grant's estranged son will make an appearance on Monday's episode "Strange Visitor From Another Planet," and his arrival could have a ton of consequences.

We've already met Carter Grant, Cat's son who bonded with "both" Kara and Supergirl. We've also heard Adam Foster's name mentioned before. Earlier this season Kara discovered his identity, and learned from her boss that he lived with his father after Cat dropped her custody suit. Based on promotional images and press releases for upcoming episodes, he will also be a new love interest for Kara. I guess she's tabling the James and Winn situation. As tricky as the plot is, this is still fun, because actor Blake Jenner is Melissa Benoist's real life husband, and they were both on Glee together.

Much like Jimmy Olsen and based on his comic book counterpart, Adam Grant is getting an older makeover on Supergirl. This character was written as a child. In DC comics, Adam Grant is Cat's young son who loves and dresses up like Superboy, interestingly enough. He was, however, murdered by the villain Toyman (Winslow Schott), though he pleaded innocent and blamed a "malfunctioning robot double" on the incident. Typical.

This is....quite the set of building blocks that Supergirl is putting into place, actually. Think about it. Adam likes Kara, which is going to cause some strain at work. Winn likes Kara, and has some demons of his own to ward off. Winslow Scott Sr. wants Winn to like him, and doesn't seem to have boundaries when it comes to achieving his goals. This could go wrong in so many ways for Adam Foster. There could be a twist coming, but if you ask me it's no coincidence that Winn's father and Cat's son, who have this shared comic book backstory, were introduced at the same time. Let's enjoy these flying sparks while we can, because I have a feeling Supergirl is about to get ugly.

Images: Monty Brinton, Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.